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The Most Important Web Solutions to Drive Conversion

If lead generation is the name of the game, conversion is winning. Leads matter, but it’s only conversion that counts in the end. In this post, we’ll make sure you’re taking advantage of the most important online solutions to help you take home the ultimate prize in web marketing: paying customers. Appearances Count Web-based businesses […]

Doing a NAPW Cleanup

What is NAPW Data? NAPW stands for Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website. The ultimate goal of local SEO is to ensure that every online directory listing (or citation), such as Google+, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc., contains the same NAPW data. What is a NAPW Cleanup? A NAPW cleanup (also called a citation cleanup) involves fixing or deleting 3 types […]

Contact Form 7: A WordPress Plugin

Click images for a larger view. First Form One of my favorite WordPress plugins is Contact Form 7.  When using it to make forms for clients, there are two important issues to tackle. The first issue is to make sure the form is works properly. This includes ensuring that the form looks presentable on screens of […]

The Best Whois Lookup Service For International TLDs

Ambushed By Spammy Links In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that someone has been trying to tamper with my client’s search engine rankings. The saboteur (most likely a competitor) is using an old school tactic by creating hundreds of spammy comment links using a phrase that my client wants to rank for as anchor text. According to Google, this spam tactic […]