Effective, professional and vibrant design in 2018

Effective, professional and vibrant design in 2018 means:

1) Content First

Don’t tell; show. Long introductions, framing and slow reveals are a thing of the past: let visitors see your product in the best light right off the bat.

2) Simplicity & Boldness

Most books can be boiled down to an article; most articles, to a paragraph; most paragraphs, to a sentence.
Instead of populating the page with myriad competing elements and creating visual noise, show the essentials and leave the details under a link.

3) Interactivity

A website isn’t a PDF – modern designers have powerful tools to bring a site to life.
Scrolling effects, mouse-over rollovers, animations and color effects are excellent ways to punch up your offerings and engage your visitors.

4) Clarity

Today’s web user has to sift through a staggering amount of information quickly, and make snap decisions on the fly.
If a site is confusing to navigate and doesn’t get to the point right away, the user will leave and find one that does.

5) The WOW Factor

The difference between a merely competent website that languishes, and a memorable one that gets the lead, can come down to one thing that makes the visitor go “Wow!”
Whether it’s a rarely-seen rollover effect, unique & beautiful artwork, or fun copy, a great site aims to deliver an unexpected delight to the visitor.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi Mobile Menu Displays “A” Instead of Hamburger Menu Icon

Does you Divi mobile menu show an “A” instead of the traditional hamburger icon? We recently came across this problem with a few of our Divi-based websites.

After an update we noticed an “A” appearing in place of the hamburger icon on mobile menus. Once the issue was inspected in the browser, it became clear that some core theme files were requested from the child theme folder – but they were not present there.
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WordPress and 3PRIME Web Solutions

When A WordPress Theme Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

While we can custom build any type of website, like most web agencies, 3PRIME takes advantage of pre-designed WordPress themes in order to help save our clients’ money and speed up the development process. After our initial discovery process, we determine what WordPress theme may work best for your business and then further customize it to suit your needs.

But sometimes one is not aware of the pitfalls that may occur once you get your hands “dirty” with a theme and begin to customize it. Though our decision on choosing the best theme is based on researching, testing out the demo version, and reading the theme’s documentation, there still may be some roadblocks encountered once development is underway.
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Customer Service on Social Media

The value of Social Media for businesses

Now and days almost everyone is on at least one social media platform. If your local corner store isn’t on social media they are missing out. The value of your business on social media can be priceless. Having a presence on social media can bring in new customers and keep old customers coming back.

Knowing your customers

Know which your target market and which platforms they are on! The popular three platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then there are others like YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest. Being on social media can make your customer service faster and more effective. According to this chart below Facebook and Twitter are 48% more accurate at delivering responses than email and 44% faster at delivering responses than email and 44% faster at delivering responses than email.

Source (https://websitebuilder.org.uk/blog/rise-social-media-customer-care/)

The next charts show the customer service stats on each of the major social media platforms.

Source (https://websitebuilder.org.uk/blog/rise-social-media-customer-care/)

Get on Social Media

If your business isn’t on social media or isn’t present it should. All the stats show that it is a great move to have your business on social media. If you want your business on social media and don’t know how to go about it contact us! The best social media partner you will ever have.

Authorize.net terminating low-volume resellers

We got this email today from authorize.net reseller support:

Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) is engaged in a strategic initiative to allow us to more effectively work with our referral partners. Authorize.Net has reviewed its current agreements and has decided to focus on its most active partners. As part of this change in strategy, Authorize.Net will be terminating your existing partnership agreement within 90 days of the date of this email. You will no longer receive residual payouts once the partnership is terminated.

We thank you for your partnership.

We’ve been a reseller for a number of years and while we don’t make a lot on it, the customers we referred and helped setup are still active so we make a small residual each month, enough to offset our own authorize.net fees. It was enough that they were our first recommendation and as a result we have lots of experience working with them.

This email, out of the blue, is a surprise to say the least. I am sure they are going to save a significant amount on affiliate fees but I have to say, I expect to do a lot more recommendations of Stripe in the future.

Just sayin’.


How Potential Facebook News Feed Policies May Impact Your Business

A large-scale change may be coming to Facebook and judging by the overview in this Medium.com piece, these changes could completely upend how brands interact with users on Facebook. So if any part of your business strategy is budgeted toward Facebook, you should be preparing strategies to address these changes. But what’s the cause of this? It’s something Facebook calls the Explore Feed and it has the potential to drastically decrease the organic reach brands have on their site.



With the Explore Feed, Facebook is essentially splitting their platform in two. On one side you have the new feed, which will be made up of pages vying for likes, shares, and engagement from Facebook users–all in the same spot. And that’s only if the user clicks over to that feed. And on the other side, you’ve got the new, and “improved” newsfeed. Here users will only see content from friends and posts that are sponsored.   

The introduction of the Explore Feed will likely not hurt the big brands since they’ll be fine paying for what would now be a more exclusive space. But what if you’re a smaller business that relies on organic views and interactions to get people interested in your product? Probably nothing good. Here’s a graph displaying the difference in page interactions before and after the Explore Feed launch.

(Scary Graph Courtesy of Medium)

You don’t need to be a social media guru to see that is a steep, steep drop. So what should you do? First–

The Facebook Explore Feed is something that’s only being tested in a select number of countries and regions. For instance, the graph displayed above is taken from the sixty biggest media pages in Slovakia. Also, Adam Mosseri, who’s the Head of News Feed at Facebook, has said the company has no plans to launch the new feed globally. He also stated that this is just a test and it’s something they’re still tinkering with.

But even if it’s launched, interactions on Facebook could go back to business as usual before you know it. Ziad Ramley, from Medium, discussed that possibility:

“Facebook changes their algorithm, publishers adapt, and 3 months later they’re back where they were before. If users flock to the Explore Feed and use it as much as the familiar News Feed, there’s a chance that this may actually happen.”

So take a deep breath. Rome isn’t on fire just yet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t..

Get Ready
In truth, it doesn’t really matter whether or not Facebook launches the Explore Feed. Because sooner or later they will launch something. And if your business relies on Facebook you have to be cognizant of the fact that the platform could essentially change overnight. Sure, it could change in a way that vastly improves your prospects, but it could also change in a way that leaves your marketing plan in shambles. Hope for the former but you absolutely must plan for the latter.

Here at 3PRIME we ensure that your business stays at the forefront of your industry–right where potential clients can find it. We do this by taking a holistic and diversified approach to design and marketing that doesn’t rely too heavily on any one platform. The internet is always changing and you’ve got to work hard to change with it. That’s where we come in.

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DevFest New Haven

DevFest New Haven is organized by GDG New Haven and supported by several local businesses and universities. DevFest New Haven will be held November 4th and 5th at Southern Connecticut State University. Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are open, volunteer communities of programmers and geeks who share a passion for learning about Google developer technologies.


There will be a number of awesome guest speakers including Mark Lassoff from Learn to Program, Tessa Park from 1010 Data, Allen Firstenberg, and Chris Welty both from Google. We are really looking forward to DevFest New Haven, the 3PRIME team will be headed to there on November 4th and 5th. Kudos to our friends at Checkmate and GDG New Haven for putting this together!


“Working with other agencies and developers has always been a part of our business. Our team fills talent gaps for a dozen agencies around the US, and we’re thrilled to be able to participate in this event.” –  Ryan Turner Co-Owner of 3PRIME


Want to join us at DevFest New Haven? Use 3PRIME20 Promo Code Here & Save 20% on this Amazing Event!


Why upgrading your website could be the boost your business needs

How Upgrading Your Website Could be the Boost Your Business Needs
Regardless of the size, product offering and nature of your business, if your website is letting you down, your sales will suffer. In today’s online-driven economy, a company website is a definite must-have to get your venture noticed. Yet, while most
organizations have a website, few are actively using them to their full potential to increase sales and revenue. Failure to use your company website efficiently not only means that your business is losing out in the long term, it can also impact any returns you were hoping to gain on your initial investment. So if you currently have a company site, and aren’t sure why it’s underperforming, check out these simple tips to give your website a much needed instant upgrade.

Varied content
The variety and types of content that you use on your website could be letting you down. Not only do consumers want engaging and interesting content that keeps them on your site, but a lack of variety could be affecting your site’s audience number and bounce rate. In today’s increasingly digital-minded age, it’s time to consider other types of content such as video. Did you know that the human brain processes visual imagery around 60,000 times faster than text? So if you aren’t using short and snappy video content on your site then now’s the time to start! Customers are more likely to spend longer on your site if their is video for them to engage with— not to mention, they are much more likely to return. Using videos of your products and customer testimonials, amongst others, will help boost your conversions.

Marketing mogul
Are your brand and marketing campaigns letting you down? Then now could be the time to review just how well positioned your brand and tone of voice is on your company website too. For certain products, such as e-cigarettes, international regulations and a shifting market can have a serious affect on your sales – no matter how up to date or efficient your site. Agencies such as eventige.com can help you to develop and grow your business potential. So, if you haven’t already given your site a thorough editorial review, now is a good time to start.

Responsive design
Offering your customers a consistent and easy-to-use experience will also ensure that they keep coming back. Responsive website design gives you the opportunity to follow any potential leads through, and will also make your back-end website management a lot easier to get to grips with. In today’s digital world, the rate and ways we consume information are changing – so make sure that your website isn’t getting left behind.

Add customer reviews
Customers love following the entire sales path through their purchase. Including a customer reviews section is a great way to boost interaction and ultimately drive new product sales. You could even consider using video content or a blog for your
consumers to exchange ideas and feedback.

Don’t be afraid to try out new and alternative methods for your website content.
Remember to keep your customer in mind and make a few small upgrades that will help improve your sales and profit in the long run.

Social Media Advertising to a Baby Boomer Audience (Infographic)

Baby boomers make up much of the online population and successful businesses should cater marketing efforts towards them. The latest research shows that Baby Boomers are using social media now more than ever. Not only have they embraced social media for communication, but they’re also using it to their benefit in a variety of ways including product research. Baby boomers now spend a whopping 27 hours behind the computer screen each week, 2 more hours online per week than millennials aged 16-34. Opportunities to reach Baby Boomers exist in unexpected ways for companies willing to think outside the box.

We developed an infographic that shows just how much baby boomers are using social media today. Baby Boomers have found more ways to utilize technology and social media, check out the infographic for more stats to better understand and target them.

Click here for the full infographic


Google Partner’s Event 9/20

The recent Google Partners Connect on 9/20 talked about different industry trends that have popped up over the recent years. As our customers change along with technology, the businesses have to change as well. Three industry changes that we analyzed from the event were: the customers are now in the driver’s seat, data is a game changer and how to drive marketing with machine learning.

Since customers are now in the driver’s seat, they created the shift in how decision makers make purchases. Since the death of b2b salesmen, research before purchase is now in the hands of the customer. B2b buyers are actually 75% into the purchase before they even go through the buyer. That means that not only did they do research on their desired product, but they also do not trust the information provided by sellers. They embrace digital and search before making purchases. In fact, they will make on average 12 searches on the product before purchasing.

Decision makers are becoming much younger, so the target audience must be lowered. Since millennials grew up with technology, they are using it to their benefit. It’s now a multi screen world, and millennials will use multiple devices before making a single purchase. Out of all of these young decision makers, 70 percent of them are engaging in video content. The businesses that keep up with the usage of videos are 25% more likely to have these customers engage with them. Engaging with millennials by making use of 21st century technology will help you to defeat your competition. 75% of mobile sites take 10 seconds to load, but a majority of the people will leave after 3 seconds. Be the business with quick speed and easy-to-access content, so your customers will enjoy their time on your site.

Data is important to keep creating, since more data is necessary keep up with millennials. Each minute, 2.4 million searches on Google are occurring and 142 emails are being sent out or received. Finding out data about customers allows a company to have more personal targeting, instead of targeting to just one large group.You can connect with your audience based on different likes, re marketing, etc. Technology is now changing the way businesses are marketing. Machine learning is being used by businesses such as: artificial intelligence, speech searches, recognizing search patterns, etc. 20% of all searches are now voice-based. This means that customers are in the driver’s seat, and by 2020 – businesses using machine learning will together amount to 1.2 trillion dollars in sales.

Finally, what we can take away from this Google Partners event is that customers are now changing the way we do business. More data is being created than ever, remarketing can be used to target similar people to your customers and machine learning can create dynamic ads and match customers to your type of business.