Google Partners Livestream from 5/17/2017

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the Google Partners live stream event from May 17th, we’ve provided the video down below.

Today’s event focused on how to reach your customers at the right moment to maximize your marketing dollars. Reaching customers right when they are searching is crucial. Site speed is critical in reaching a potential customer. If your site will not load in 3 seconds, customers will go to one of your other competitors. Being there when your customers need you is the best way to ensure your place above your competition.

Home Services Business Model Being Challenged

Home improvement searches have been steadily increasing over the last few years. People are now adding to their searches “near me”, to find local home improvement services. This search has spiked in the past 5 years, showing costumer interest in local businesses. Reaching customers for services when they need you can be difficult.  Maybe a person is calling about a roof leak in the middle of the night, but your roofing business only works 9-5. The Google event today explained that when you are not there for your customer when they need you, they will find someone else. When reaching customers, you want to know what moments matter and what times of day they will call. Some moments matter more than others, so you will need to find out when these moments happen most in order to maximize your marketing dollars.


Anticipate Consumer Behavior Changes

Millennials are now the largest group of heads the household and make a lot of the buying decisions including household services. From 2013 to 2018, millennials becoming the head of the household is projected to increase by 8 million. In order for millennials to purchase your products, you need to get their attention. By creating stimulus for your products, customers will remember your product when they need you. Now, customers are using mobile devices for most of their searches and relying less on reviews to decide what company to hire. Around 61% of customers use search engines to find a business while only 15% rely on business reviews. As the consumer behavior changes, your business model should change as well.


Winning Over Customers

It is important for your business to have a presence on search engines. Being found on Google is a great start to capturing the demand people have for your services. Owning your Google My Business Listing will not only let customers know you’re reliable but also will give insights about what customers look for on Google My Business. Be there when the customer needs you: choose the right keywords, connect with the target audience, and find out what people in your area are searching. One of the last ways to win over customers is to have a great mobile experience and keep up with the latest ad formats. For example, 75% of millennials prefer texting over calling and adding a text feature to your ad is a great way to connect. YouTube videos are another great platform to find millennials and are great for companies to engage with potential customers. By keeping up with the ever-changing business models of today, your company is guaranteed to win over the new age of buyers.


  • Home Service business models are being challenged
  • Millennials are now considered the head of households
  • Only two percent of companies measure home service moments

Advice to 3PRIME Network related to WannaCrypt/WannaCry Windows vulnerability

Last Friday, many companies were affected by an online attack via the software called WannaCrypt, also known as WannaCry. The attack included ransoming of important information by encryption. This attack has reached over 150 countries and approximately 10,000 companies. While this attack has been halted, precautions must be taken to prevent future similar attacks.

The most important things to be aware of:

1) If you are not using Windows, you are safe.

2) If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 10, you should be safe, but you can check here.

3) The specific attack from last week has been nullified, but the vulnerability in older Windows remains.


If you use Windows 7, Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update to check if there are updates available.

For Windows 10  users, in the Search Box type “Windows Update” > Check For Updates and see if there are updates available.

We recommend you run these immediately!


  1. – This contains of lists of windows versions and how to check machines if they’re vulnerable.
  2. Security patches are available for download and installation. This is a step by step instruction of patching
  3. Catalog of direct downloads from Microsoft:


Highlights from the Google Partners Livestream on 4/19

After watching the Google Partners Livestream, we were able to gather some of the important tips for companies to help their business this year. Technology is now at the heart of business, and everything around us is connected to the web. As trends are continually impacting industries, it is important to follow them in order to still be in business in the near future. Many companies are closing their retail stores, but many people do not realize that they are doing this to enter the digital world. Online shopping has become so prevalent that stores are closing down in order to put their focus on where  consumers spend their time.

Traditional Business Models are Being Challenged

With changing consumer behavior, our industries are being challenged. Traditional business models are changing, and we must be aware of technology shifts in our field. For example, Blockbuster used to be the place that everyone bought their movies. People took their car to a location to browse through VHS and DVDs. Nowadays, movies can be streamed through TVs, laptops and cell phones with just the click of a button. Now people are using companies like Netflix, which allows you to watch shows and movies without leaving your couch. Talk about a business model that changed pretty rapidly within the past 15 years!

Consumer Behavior is Changing

Consumers behavior is changing along with technology. They have 24/7 access to mobile devices, which means that they have access to an unlimited amount of information. So what does this mean for companies? It means that consumers are more informed and aware, creating higher expectations. This is creating more pressure for companies to meet the demands of consumers. All companies today are being challenged, and it is up to them to do something to stand above the competition.

Retail is Changing in the Digital Age

Retail visits are declining as more business moves to eCommerce. From 2013 to 2016, retail visits dropped in half, which is a significant loss. So what can your business do to survive in this new digital age? Instead of using the old mantra “Do whatever to get the customer to the dealership,” imply a new mantra, “Do whatever  to bring the dealership to the customer.”


How Can I Prepare for the Digital Future?
One way to keep up with the digital age is to keep ad spending in sync with consumer behavior. Are you using ads on platforms that have been surpassed by digital ads – such as TV ads? Another thing to consider is being open 24/7.  Making ads profitable is key by knowing when consumers visit your company.  For example, consumers may visit a lawn service company mostly in the Spring and Summer months, which means your companies ads should run according to the influx of customers. Being available for your customers when they are looking for you is a crucial way to get customers.  If you are not available at the time your customers need you, they will look for another company in the same industry that is available. Other things to incorporate to make your business tech-savvy in the future are: keyword research to target your customers, using ad extensions and forms, creating a great mobile experience and using a Google my Business page.

From the Google Livestream, we learned that technology is changing the way we do business. Businesses must keep up with the times in order to engage more customers and generate more sales. Since 1 in 3 adults watch at least one Youtube video per month, it’s safe to say that engaging online with customers – especially through social media outlets – can help to increase your website traffic. To make sure your company is up-to-date with the digital world in 2017, contact 3PRIME today!

If you wanted to see what Google had to say, watch the Livestream below. Be up-to-date with the latest in business and find out how to connect your business to the ever-changing world.

How Important is Website Content Layout?


A common mistake that people make when they first set up a website is neglecting the importance of their content in terms of both quality and layout. People can get distracted by trying to find website features/plugins that will make their website look attractive, but fall short when it comes to creating high quality content.

For example, there are websites that have sliders positioned strategically to sell their main products or services. However, the banners that they upload fail to sell the content. If you are going to go to the effort of building great features within your website, you need to invest even more time in making sure that the content is good quality.

When we say good quality, there are a number of factors that come into this. Is the content useful? Is it relevant to the target audience? These are two big questions that you need to look at whenever you are creating any content. From then on, you also need to think about how your content will look it terms of text size and readability. If you are using text that doesn’t stand out or colours that don’t contrast well together, then your content will not be nearly as effective as it could be and can cause unlikability.

Another huge element of having a great website is to have your content placed in the most effective places. Your call to action button is going to play a large part of converting website visitors into customers, so this needs to be placed somewhere that is highly visible and will compel your visitors to take the action that you require. You should also remember some of the other important content positioning techniques such as placing a logo and tagline in the header of your website homepage.

When visitors arrive at your website it is because they have either searched and found you via a search engine, clicked on a PPC ad, or you have directed them to your website through effective marketing channels such as email marketing. Therefore, if you are seeing an influx of people to your website, it means your marketing campaigns are proving effective. However, if your vast volumes of traffic amount to nothing and perspective customers do not sign up for newsletters, enquire about your services or purchase any products, then there may be an issue with your content.

Usually, the problem will stem from one or two things – either people can’t find your content because your layout/navigation is too complex, or your content simply isn’t strong enough. If your stats are showing that you are getting high volumes but only a tiny percentage turn out to be business leads, then you need to look at your content. Therefore, turn to sites such as Forbes for advice on how to create suitable content. However, make sure to thoroughly research how to produce and market effective content for maximum effect.

What Mobile Does for Customers?

The recent Google Partner’s event explained the importance of companies connecting with the digital world. Tom Ferry, one of the presenters at the Google partners event, talked about how the real estate industry can greatly benefit with from the new digital era. People respond more to digital content, then print, TV or ad outlets. With the opportunity waiting with digital outlets, don’t wait to get your business involved!

Ferry showed the importance of companies using the ‘RND’ method. This is what many of the other top companies in the world are using. It is a simple process, standing for ‘rip off and duplicate.’ Basically, if a company is successfull with something that they are doing, your business can take that strategy and copy it. As this method works in the real estate world really well, it also turns out to be a genius strategy for the digital world. In the digital world, if you see a strategy that is working, then this is your chance for RND.

Google Partner’s wants your company to increase customers and up your business with these strategies. Since Real Estate in similar to the corporate world, your business can effectively copy their strategies. With real estate, many clients say yes and many say no. This is also true in the corporate world, where there are many customers but also many leads that don’t go anywhere.

Many companies also get enough traffic but don’t know how to lead them. Marketing turns out to be a lot like math. If you get a lot of traffic, but don’t get a lot out of it, you have to find out your objective. Do you want your brand known, or do you want to get more business? Traditional marketing methods look great, but are difficult to measure performance. New marketing ways can tell us right away if we are doing well. They can also let us know how we can change our performance. The number of clicks and leads can be shown through digital marketing methods. Numbers in business show the math aspect to marketing; you need to know your ideal numbers to succeed in marketing.

Creating content is also necessary if you want to be the winner in your market. Developing frequent, great content on multi-channel sources can help. Content is king which is vital for getting people early in the search process. Video is one of the best methods to connect with people. If you answer question, and put out frequent content, you will beat competitors. Put videos out on all your channels and be the market leader. Identify your target customers, and spend time each week to answer their questions through a video. Put them up on all your social media channels. People will then expect routine videos from you, and they will soon connect with your company. Through multi channel distribution, you can create content, email, put on website and out on channels.

Become trusted in your market. Don’t be a generic site, which are not designed to convert new clients. Landing pages are the new thing, and they are designed to direct customers. Directing customers to your landing pages will determine whether they bounce or fill out the contact form.

Make it easy to make appointments, and have auto appointment setting schedule on home or landing page. You can say “book 10 minutes with me”. Companies have to chase people that fill out a contact form due to their schedules. When you pre-book an appointment, it will show the calendar and times. The customers will decide when to come in to your business. 85 percent of people who fill out the form with the appointment, show up.

With marketing, you need to speed to lead. You should call right away when you see that customers want to book an appointment. Connect right away, because they will go to someone else. When the lead comes – in the faster you reach them, the higher the chance they will connect with you. When you get a lead, you should connect within 5 minutes.

Mobile is quickly growing. 50 percent of real estate searches on Google were from a mobile phone. This has changed the course of a person looking to buy a home in 3 ways: They can act immediately, they have more expectations and they act more in the moment than being loyal to a particular brand. Take intent into consideration. Is the customer trying to get something accomplished, or does the customer have no intention of buying a home anytime soon?

Since most growth is coming from digital marketing and less from TV, radio and print, for the real estate industry it means online is where you get leads and expand your business. Mobile has altered the buyers path to buying a home. You can now effectively alter your business to the digital world to grow to new heights.


Comparing Google Pagespeed Insights and Test My Site with Google


Our score from The new Test My Site web application by Google.

Google Insights analyzes web performance, gives feedback and suggestions to improve your web page. This test lets you enter your website URL and gives you your performance on both mobile and desktop. If there are problems that need your attention, a yellow exclamation point will pop up telling you to ‘consider fixing’ and will show a list of the things to improve on. A checkmark in green will highlight the aspects about your website that you have passed. Google released a new site performance application called Google Test My Site. As both interfaces provide advice to website users, there are still many differences that separate both website apps apart.


With both the pages, the scores remain the same. Test My Site has the option to email your test results, but Google Insight does not. Test My Site also has pretty visuals, such as bright colors and interesting videos, making it user friendly. It also displays your results on one page, where Google Insights displays results on 2 different tabs – one for mobile and one for desktop. To test if your site is mobile friendly on Google Insights, the website will have you click on a link and send you to another page.

Our results from Google Insights with scores and explanations of how to fix results.

What was nice about the old site, Google Insight, was that it displayed all of your scores right away, and was not separated by large tabs and graphics. They also explain how to fix the issues they identified on your site, where the new site does not. This can be frustrating to any user wanting to get right to the changes Google is recommending, like
implementing browser caching, but not having ready access to resources and recommendations. Insights will show you, for example, if an image is too large what size to make it.

This highlights that the new Test My Site web app is for non-technical users, while the pagespeed insights is the more useful resource for developers, so we hope they don’t take it away!

Since more people everyday are using the internet, page speed is becoming increasingly important. Page speed can determine if a user stays or leaves your website. Whether you have large graphics and videos, or issues with Javascript, you need to consult to consult with a high-end tool like these that monitor your website performance. Once you find out that your website is lagging with page speed, the next step is developing a plan to improve issues.


Stepping Up Your Business in 2017

Step up your game in 2017 by following these simple practices:


Put Your Goals in Writing – Be sure to plan what your goals for the year are. Create a calendar to organize tasks along with the people assigned to them and the deadline for each assignment. Using Cloud storage is a great way to keep organized without compromising your personal storage space. Google Drive gives you 15GB of free space allowing you to free up storage on your computer!


Engage Your Team – Emphasize ideation and creativity! Empowering employees to think of new ideas promotes employee engagement and inspiration. It increases your team’s engagement with your brands and product lines and leads to employees coming up with new and inventive ways to promote through blog posts, videos, infographics, or other media. When a business brainstorms, it is able to inspire employee confidence and allows everyone to contribute. Getting different employee perspectives allows a challenge to be approached from many different angles.


SEO – SEO is multifaceted with different areas of emphasis applicable to any business or organization’s web presence. One of the most critical aspects for 2017 is optimizing your mobile experience. Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone, creating a positive experience on mobile devices is a key for increasing user engagement and driving conversations. Doing keyword research for your market, local search marketing, developing good content on your website, and link building will help to increase website traffic. The most popular tool for measuring results is Google Analytics, which uses data visualization to display website traffic changes overtime in easy-to-read charts and is provided free by Google to website owners.


Design – In a crowded market, one of the best ways to attract new customers is with great design, which is more than just photography and layout. Some aspects to think about include a good use of typography, scaling, color theory, and harmony. Not only should you focus on the visual graphics, but good design can also be found in the site layout. When customers come to your website, it should be organized so that they clearly understand the services your company provides. So making sure your website is clearly laid out and easy to navigate provides for a positive user experience. Beyond the visual aspects, you should also consider whether your website enables visitors to follow the optimal path to the actions YOU want them to take!


Branding – It is important for your company to get its name out there! Defining your brand will shape your company’s mission. The benefits or services your company provides will differentiate you from your competitors. Knowing who you are and delivering what you say you are going to deliver are all a part of your branding strategy. Create a unique logo, use your logo colors, create graphics that are modern and appealing to your audience, and be consistent with integrating your brand on print collateral, apparel and digital profiles. These practices will help your company to create its own “voice” which stands apart from its competitors.  


Social Media Marketing – Make sure all of your social media profiles are up-to-date with fresh content. Keeping content on a consistent basis, such as weekly posts, will help to gather more followers and engage with the segment of your audience who prefers this medium. Social Media marketing is all about engaging with customers and keeping up with current trends. Ask customers questions, post creative content, and follow people in your niche market to promote company growth.


Email marketing – Make sure that your contacts are up-to-date and be consistent with your messaging. They help to enhance the business to consumer relationship. You can also send out mass emails as a way to quickly connect with your target market. Email marketing is highly  effective tactic to keep in touch with current and past customers, and the potential for marketing automation and follow-up campaigns cannot be ignored. Companies can use this as a cost-effective way to stay in contact with existing customers.

If you’re looking to implement any of these goals to your business in 2017, know that 3PRIME will be there to help with the process! We can help evaluate what has worked in 2016 and what ways your company can improve. From SEO services to creating stand out content, we are here to represent all of your business needs. With simple yet effective marketing techniques, together we can help your business prosper. We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready for a productive 2017.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Profit from SEO

The global use of the internet has prompted many businesses to focus their attention on achieving a strong online presence, and for small businesses, the internet is a cost effective platform on which to advertise. To fully utilise the power of the internet, however, the owners of small companies need to utilise search engine optimisation, commonly abbreviated as SEO. The ways in which they can profit from SEO are listed below.

Increased Traffic

SEO is one of the most effective tools for increasing website traffic, and it’s something that you definitely want to take advantage of. Any good digital marketing agency will tell you that there are a number of ways you can use SEO to increase visitors. For one, a well-planned SEO campaign should get your website to appear on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords. Anyone searching for those terms will be interested in what you have to sell, and the higher your page is, the greater the likelihood that someone will click onto your page. On top of this, a lot of SEO strategies involve building links on other websites. If you can create interesting content to place on these sites, people are more likely to click your links to find out more about you.

Increased Conversions

The main purpose of SEO is the creation of user-friendly and easy to browse websites. Not only can a good SEO strategy help to grab clients’ attention, it can also help them to easily navigate your website. The better your website is, and the more attention grabbing it is, the more likely it is that you will be able to convert browsers into clients. Additionally, good on-page SEO helps small businesses get loyal customers. If your content is honest, written for the readers, and invokes a feeling of trust, you should have no problem retaining them for the long haul, whilst keeping Google and the other search engines happy.

Improved Brand Awareness

Websites that rank on top of the search engine result pages are considered to be of repute. Thus, not only can small businesses can build trust with their clients by ranking high, they can also profit from the brand awareness this offers. Clients are more likely to trust websites that appear on the first pages of popular search engine results than those that appear in the second or third pages.

Get a Wider Audience

The internet has contributed greatly to the globalisation of the business world. Through this virtual realm, small businesses are able to reach vast client bases. However, not all businesses are able to reach a large online audience. In this regard, SEO is the ideal strategy for a small business to adopt.  If you can tailor your content and your SEO strategy to wider markets, there is no reason why you can’t make your business international in the process.

Get an Edge Over the Competition

To succeed online, small businesses need to have an edge over the competition by using SEO as one of their marketing tools. By having an SEO optimised website, and performing off page SEO strategies, a small business should be able to compete favourably with other major brands in its industry. While small business owners can learn how to incorporate SEO into their digital marketing strategies, consulting SEO experts can often be of more benefit.

3 Easy Ways to Boost Sales on Your E-commerce Site

If you have any doubts whatsoever about just how big e-commerce is, just take a look at the staggering figures coming in from Black Friday in both the UK and the US, two countries where online shopping is already huge. In the United States, it is reported that brick-and- mortar sales only grew by a few percent whilst online shopping grew by more than 29 percent year-on- year from 2015. The UK reported similar findings which indicates that online, especially mobile, shopping is strong and getting stronger by the year. Do you have an e-commerce site? If you are looking to boost sales, here are three easy ways to do just that.

1. Mobile Friendly Web Design

Yes, it’s been said a million and one times, but it can’t be reiterated enough. Consumers now search and shop much more often from their mobile devices than they do from PCs at home or the office. For any e-commerce site that wants to grow, it is imperative that you build a responsive website that can be viewed equally well on any size device and screen. It is so important to develop a mobile friendly website that Google even changed their algorithms last year to ensure a user-friendly experience among mobile users. Their warning to e-commerce sites? Get mobile or get lost – literally as you surely won’t be listed in the SERPs!

2. Offer Custom Shopping Apps

The newest rage amongst shoppers are those apps that make shopping a breeze. Downloadable to mobile devices and PCs alike, these apps make it easy to follow bargains as they arise and within just a click or two (after entering your payment info to be called up as needed) you can shop away with no fuss and no muss. App developers can have a field day with e-commerce sites by customizing apps for each business to work with their particular payment platform and the UX for shoppers is enhanced. However, retail e-commerce sites also make out big as an easy platform yields increased spending and everyone is a winner.

3. Choose the Right Hosting Package to Meet Your Needs

Nevertheless, it needs to be said that in order to be successful your e-commerce site needs to be up and running 24/7 with no downtime whatsoever. If you can’t afford a dedicated server, consider VPS hosting which is the next best thing and where space and bandwidth is expandable as needed. VPS hosting also offers a greater level of security than shared space, so consider that when planning your next big pushto increase sales.

With a reliable hosting provider and a focus on a mobile market that accesses your e-commerce site with custom apps, you can’t help but come out ahead. Just check out the latest Black Friday stats and you will see shopping trends going strongly towards online retail. The most successful online retailers found that their customers shopped with the help of apps (called the app economy) and with the ease at which they could navigate bargains, their spending increased proportionately. Looking for easy ways to boost sales to your e-commerce retail site? You’ve just found them here.