MobileSpringer Private Beta

by | Aug 11, 2011 | Articles

We expect consumers to continue to expect more from businesses.

Years ago consumers stopped frequenting businesses without a website

A year ago local businesses saw consumers flow to companies with strong Google Places presences.

Now, as on-the-go consumers access data increasingly with phones and tablets, the expectation is even higher that the most critical information be front and center.

mobilespringerMobileSpringer aims not only to put action buttons at the forefront of the mobile guests first impression, but to allow businesses to actively and instantly shape the action buttons and information they highlight to these visitors.

As website managers, we cater directly to businesses that take an active role in shaping their visitor’s experience.

With mobile, it makes more sense to give businesses a tool with which to do this.

The MobileSpringer Beta aims to gather this intelligence and introduce our beta users to a new way to think about their mobile guests and the experience they, as businesses, provide.

Of course that’s our vision! The point of the beta is to see how businesses and website owners might want to use this. Their input will be a large determinant in where we invest our efforts to bring this to a public beta in the next few months.

To request an invitation to participate in our private beta test, visit MobileSpringer.com.