Mobile SEO, Mobile Marketing and the 2012 Holiday Season

by | Sep 7, 2011 | Articles

For web property owners on the fence about investing in mobile marketing and mobile SEO services, the results are in. Google posted on their Mobile Ads Blog a few figures it has compiled on mobile phone usage for shopping during the holiday season, and all signs point to opportunity.

The first interesting piece of information Google revealed was that approximately 15% of searches on Black Friday, a flagship day for consumer activity, are expected to come from mobile devices. Google also predicts this percentage to continue to climb from Black Friday all of the way until the holidays are over. In other words, these four to five weeks will be a mobile-driven purchasing frenzy. What this means is that taking a strategic focus on mobile marketing and SEO today, may be the key to a possessing competitive advantage come the holidays.

Additionally, according to Google’s data analysis of searching and shopping behavior from prior holiday seasons, about 44 percent of searches for “last minute gifts and store locator terms” will take place on mobile phones. Given that it is normally quite difficult to market to those who wait to the final hour to purchase gifts for their friends and family, because they tend to be so impetuous, this information is quite useful. Businesses that create a full mobile webpage that addresses the needs of last minute shoppers, or that utilize MobileSpringer to create a quick link to a last-minute sales coupon are likely to hold superior positions for actualizing the holiday’s revenue potential.

The bottom line is that mobile and local SEO are going to play a bigger role in the 2012 holiday shopping season than in any other year. Given that Black Friday is still months away, now is the time to optimize your website for mobile usage and mobilize customers to open their wallets wide come the day after Thanksgiving!