Selecting Local Search Keywords

by | Jun 15, 2014 | Articles

Here is an example of how you would go about selecting keywords for your industry and business. For this example, let’s say you’re a dry cleaner based in Shelton, CT and you are focusing on 3 cities and 2 keywords, for a total of 6 city keyword phrases.

Your first keyword will be broad, most likely it will be Dry Cleaning. The most important phrase for your business will be the one your business is based in. Therefore, your primary city keyword phrase should be “Shelton CT dry cleaning

It’d also be a good idea to achieve a good ranking in neighboring cities like Stratford and Milford. This means the first set of Google Map local keywords would be as follows:

  • Shelton CT dry cleaning
  • Stratford CT dry cleaning
  • Milford CT dry cleaning

Your second keyword will likely be a variation of the first one you choose, for example, “dry cleaners”. If that proves to be a good selection, which is determine through our initial consultation and review, then your second keyword phrase set would be:

  • Shelton CT dry cleaners
  • Stratford CT dry cleaners
  • Milford CT dry cleaners

These keywords are just an example of the process. If you’re not sure of the keywords that would be the most profitable for your business to go after then feel free to contact us. We’ll be able to determine a keyword’s strength as well as how difficult it would be to earn a worthwhile ranking in local as well as general searches