Questions we ask when we meet a new web design client

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Articles

When we start a conversation with a new client looking for web design services, we often get a question like this:

I would like to establish a professional looking website to promote my services and help expand my current client portfolio base. I found your company online and am interested in hearing more about your capabilities and services. Thank you.

These are often the types of concerns organizations start with, and even companies with an existing webmaster may have found the answers they’ve gotten wanting for detail and relevancy. Here’s where we take the discussion:

The first step will be to have a discussion of what your company does, how you expect your audience to interact with the website (types of conversions) and the types of keywords that your potential clients might use to find you. We’d also like to know:
  • Have you already picked out a domain name?
  • Is your audience local, regional or national?
  • Do need the ability to manage content on your website?
  • Is ecommerce applicable to your business?
We use these questions to define a scope of work and build your project plan and determine timeline and budget.
What is in our mind as we continue the discussion?
We believe that building a website should be the first step in a marketing plan, so I appreciate that you have the goal of increasing your reach as the primary goal for building a new website.