Enjoy the Great Benefits of Having a Responsive Website Design

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Web Design

SEO is a really hot topic. This is all thanks to the cutthroat competition between websites. Picture this scenario; you want to start a blog or a business website. There is that fantastic idea that you have in mind, right? When you start your website, regardless of how mind-blowing your idea is, you will have to wow the world with it. While you are in the business of impressing the world, you will be battling against at least a hundred thousand websites and you will also have to please the search engines. The struggle can be discouraging but it is not something you cannot handle. The first thing you should consider is the design of the site.

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When you are designing a website, you should always have the search engines in mind. The search engines can either build or break a website. If you want a website that is being visited by thousands of people from across the globe and is easy to find, then you have to befriend the search engines. This is not to say that you bribe the guys at Google so that your site can be easy to find. That will not work at all. The way a search engine interprets a website is completely different from how you do. It is possible for you to structure a website that is specifically for human eyes. This means that the search engines will not be able to access the site. It is also possible to create a site that is meant for the search engines in other words it will not really make sense to people. Take for instance those sites that overuse and abuse keywords and yet they are totally unrelated to those keywords- now these are just meant for the search engines. The goal of such a site is to perform well on the search engines.

Responsive is highly recommended

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Google highly recommends that you create a site that has a responsive design. This is something that you will get to learn from the best SEO experts. These professionals strive to make sure that they create sites that are responsive. The site must be responsive before everything else can be done in terms of search engine optimization. Experts in SEO will refuse to work on a site that is not responsive because it would be a case of giving a hen a pedicure- completely pointless. Have you ever tried viewing the mobile version of a website on a phone? It definitely was not so easy to use. A responsive design adapts itself to the current screen which makes the viewer experience pleasant. It also makes life for a whole lot of other people easier. There is no reason why you should create two websites one for mobile viewing and another one for the desktop computers. It will be a very costly affair for you as the website owner and time consuming for the web designer. Google recommends that you create a site with a responsive site for several reasons. These include:


  • Reduction of loading times

No redirection will be needed and therefore the loading time will be significantly reduced. You will not have to wait for an eternity in order for the site to open up. It is worth pointing out that the loading speed of a site is considered when ranking websites on the search engines. If you want your site to perform well on the search engines results, then definitely you will take this into consideration. Google has a tool that you can use to measure of the site speed.

  • Accessible to the search engines

Responsive sites are easy for the search engine robots to crawl through. As aforementioned, the way the search engines interpret sites is different from the way human beings do. It is therefore possible to have a site that is extremely relevant to a certain keyword search but then does not pop up in the results. This is because of the efficiency of the crawling. A site with a responsive design is easier to crawl through. Such a site is also easier to index.

  • Accessible by users

A responsive page can be accessed on just about any device. It does not matter whether you use a tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop. People access internet mostly through their mobile devices when stuck in traffic on their way home or over lunch time when looking for some amusement. If your site is not responsive it cannot be accessed through the mobile devices. Increasing traffic to your website is great way to improve the site’s rank on the search engines.


There are so many features of the design of a website that can affect its rank on the search engines. Web design and SEO are two major elements of a website’s performance that cannot be separated. The most important feature of a site’s design has to be the responsiveness. If a site is responsive then you stand to benefit greatly. Author bio VinodJethwani is the CEO and Founder of Walnut Solutions and he helps web based companies with his SEO strategies to grown their revenue. He started his career in 2007 as a software developer with an Indian based MNC and later in 2011 became an entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @VinodJethwani or through his blog.