Google Partners Connect Event

by | May 5, 2016 | Articles

Yesterday 3PRIME hosted an event to view the live stream of Google Partners Connect. Many people showed up and were excited about the live stream. Check out the group selfie!

We all thought the live stream was starting at 11:00am then there was a 30 minute countdown, thinking there was delay then it was 11:30am and another 30 minute countdown began. Anxiously waiting we figured out the event was starting at 9:00am PDT which meant noon here on the east coast and everyone got a laugh out of that. The live stream was awesome and taught us a lot. Development for a business is key. There was a ton great information and plenty of interesting facts.

A well designed mobile website is getting more and more important!

  The grossest fact was more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush:

After the Google live stream we had refreshments and a Q & A. The Q & A turned into a group discussion that was very insightful. Everyone definitely learned something new. It was a great first event hosted by us at 3PRIME in our new office space. We can’t wait to host another event!

Check out the whole Google Partners Connect video below.