Create an Instagram in 7 Simple Steps

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Articles, Technology

Instagram is not only attracting young users, but users of all ages. From businesses, kids, adults to even pages for dogs – everyone is getting on the instagram bandwagon. Instagram is now the second most popular social media platform next to Facebook. Businesses have made it an object to market their campaign to the new digital age, and it’s working.


  1. Finding Your Place – With Instagram it is all about sharing content including photos and videos. It is important to know your direction and target market when posting content. It is easy to post photos on different topics, but then you are branching away from your target market. Before you post any content on your account you need to find your niche, and your target demographic.
  2. Make an Account – You can make a business account or a personal account, but in many ways a personal account is better. Create a username that is easy to remember by you and your followers, so people can access it quickly. Describe your purpose in the biography along with a profile photo, and connect to other social media accounts that you have. I.E. youtube, facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. You need to produce new material all of the time in order to grow your followers list. A goal can be to post one thing per day on Instagram. Missing a few days is fine, as long as you keep a consistent posting schedule. Avoid over posting on social media as that turns followers off, and bombards their news feed.
  4. Gathering Your Initial Followers – You have the option of adding people you know first, such as family or friends from Facebook. These people may or may not follow you back, but you can build a following based on your niche. Having a smaller target audience is better than having a large following of people not in your niche.
  5. Using Pictures and Hashtags – This is where your company can get creative and show off their talents. Perfecting photography skills and getting good lighting will help your company gain followers over dull, poorly taken photos. Using colors in images that stand out like reds attract far more followers than ones do not. Search for popular hashtags and trends in your niche market, which will help to get your business out there in front of new people.
  6. Following in Your Target Market – Following people in your niche is important because you will have many more followers, and can add their followers. It’s easier to engage with your audience, and you are able to compete by seeing the content they post. You can control the competition by trying to be more engaging than your followers.
  7. Communicate With Your Audience – Keep engaging with followers through comments and likes on images. If you provide engaging content that people want to comment on, then you will be able to keep a strong following. The reason anyone creates a social platform is to be social, so be sure to engage by asking questions and keeping followers updated and informed on what you do.


If your business is consistent with updating the page than you will have followers in no time. Provide nice photos, news on your industry, videos of your business at works, etc. Social media platforms like Instagram are the future of marketing. Since marketing is moving quickly to digital marketing, it is a great idea for any business to get started with a platform like Instagram!