How to Utilize Pay-Per-Click Marketing

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Technology

Mobile PPC


There were more searches from cell phones in 2015 than there were from desktop computers. PPC advertising is becoming huge for mobile devices, accounting for many purchases. Make sure your business website is mobile friendly and your advertisements are geared towards mobile users. There are two very simple steps to take that can make your PPC ad more accessible to mobile device users.


  • The first step is to set enable “click-to-call” on every ad. This will quickly connect the searcher to your number, giving you a point of immediate contact with a potential customer at the exact moment they are looking for what you’re offering.
  • The second step is to optimize  the PPC landing pages for tablets and mobile phones. Since attention spans get shorter every year, some estimates are as low as 2/10ths of a second to make an impression, your page must load quickly and display well otherwise you may be losing out on some conversions.


Target Audience and Remarketing


Customer Match gives PPC marketers the ability to better target their potential customers with AdWords using their email. You can put together Customer Match with remarketing to get your ads to reach specific customers when and where they appear online.


Both mobile marketing and Remarketing are powerful tools that are very beneficial to any business. If someone clicks an ad on their computer, remarketing will later show them a mobile ad on their phone, ideally one that will encourage them to take an action and become engaged with your brand. These kind of ads will retarget your customers to make them repeat customers.



pinterestPinterest Ads


Pinterest is now letting businesses push out promoted pins in bulk. This will give businesses a broader audience and reach people based on specific keywords, something that many social sites are not running at this point.


PPC advertisers can now precisely target customers, which is different from  most social media advertising with ads that are targeted to keywords. Less generic ads and more customer targeted ads will be used with Pinterest.



Ad Extensions


Everyone wants their ads to place higher and stay at the top. According to Google, the extra information provided by ad extensions will help do just that. If your ads are in a low position on Bing or AdWords then your ad extensions won’t be attached to your search results. But if your PPC ads are highly rated, ad extensions will help users interact much more easily with your brand.


Suggestions for Ad Extensions:


  • Phone number
  • Product Information – rating and price
  • Utilize sitelinks to send a visitor directly to specific pages
  • Show customer feedback



So, if you’ve read through these steps, you may want to change your approach to pay-per-click marketing. Mobile advertising and social media are big for 2016, so to be the top business for pay-per-click marketing, you must follow the social media trends. Apply these tips to your business, and you will be a PPC pro!