What Mobile Does for Customers?

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Articles

The recent Google Partner’s event explained the importance of companies connecting with the digital world. Tom Ferry, one of the presenters at the Google partners event, talked about how the real estate industry can greatly benefit with from the new digital era. People respond more to digital content, then print, TV or ad outlets. With the opportunity waiting with digital outlets, don’t wait to get your business involved!

Ferry showed the importance of companies using the ‘RND’ method. This is what many of the other top companies in the world are using. It is a simple process, standing for ‘rip off and duplicate.’ Basically, if a company is successfull with something that they are doing, your business can take that strategy and copy it. As this method works in the real estate world really well, it also turns out to be a genius strategy for the digital world. In the digital world, if you see a strategy that is working, then this is your chance for RND.

Google Partner’s wants your company to increase customers and up your business with these strategies. Since Real Estate in similar to the corporate world, your business can effectively copy their strategies. With real estate, many clients say yes and many say no. This is also true in the corporate world, where there are many customers but also many leads that don’t go anywhere.

Many companies also get enough traffic but don’t know how to lead them. Marketing turns out to be a lot like math. If you get a lot of traffic, but don’t get a lot out of it, you have to find out your objective. Do you want your brand known, or do you want to get more business? Traditional marketing methods look great, but are difficult to measure performance. New marketing ways can tell us right away if we are doing well. They can also let us know how we can change our performance. The number of clicks and leads can be shown through digital marketing methods. Numbers in business show the math aspect to marketing; you need to know your ideal numbers to succeed in marketing.

Creating content is also necessary if you want to be the winner in your market. Developing frequent, great content on multi-channel sources can help. Content is king which is vital for getting people early in the search process. Video is one of the best methods to connect with people. If you answer question, and put out frequent content, you will beat competitors. Put videos out on all your channels and be the market leader. Identify your target customers, and spend time each week to answer their questions through a video. Put them up on all your social media channels. People will then expect routine videos from you, and they will soon connect with your company. Through multi channel distribution, you can create content, email, put on website and out on channels.

Become trusted in your market. Don’t be a generic site, which are not designed to convert new clients. Landing pages are the new thing, and they are designed to direct customers. Directing customers to your landing pages will determine whether they bounce or fill out the contact form.

Make it easy to make appointments, and have auto appointment setting schedule on home or landing page. You can say “book 10 minutes with me”. Companies have to chase people that fill out a contact form due to their schedules. When you pre-book an appointment, it will show the calendar and times. The customers will decide when to come in to your business. 85 percent of people who fill out the form with the appointment, show up.

With marketing, you need to speed to lead. You should call right away when you see that customers want to book an appointment. Connect right away, because they will go to someone else. When the lead comes – in the faster you reach them, the higher the chance they will connect with you. When you get a lead, you should connect within 5 minutes.

Mobile is quickly growing. 50 percent of real estate searches on Google were from a mobile phone. This has changed the course of a person looking to buy a home in 3 ways: They can act immediately, they have more expectations and they act more in the moment than being loyal to a particular brand. Take intent into consideration. Is the customer trying to get something accomplished, or does the customer have no intention of buying a home anytime soon?

Since most growth is coming from digital marketing and less from TV, radio and print, for the real estate industry it means online is where you get leads and expand your business. Mobile has altered the buyers path to buying a home. You can now effectively alter your business to the digital world to grow to new heights.