How Important is Website Content Layout?

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Articles


A common mistake that people make when they first set up a website is neglecting the importance of their content in terms of both quality and layout. People can get distracted by trying to find website features/plugins that will make their website look attractive, but fall short when it comes to creating high quality content.

For example, there are websites that have sliders positioned strategically to sell their main products or services. However, the banners that they upload fail to sell the content. If you are going to go to the effort of building great features within your website, you need to invest even more time in making sure that the content is good quality.

When we say good quality, there are a number of factors that come into this. Is the content useful? Is it relevant to the target audience? These are two big questions that you need to look at whenever you are creating any content. From then on, you also need to think about how your content will look it terms of text size and readability. If you are using text that doesn’t stand out or colours that don’t contrast well together, then your content will not be nearly as effective as it could be and can cause unlikability.

Another huge element of having a great website is to have your content placed in the most effective places. Your call to action button is going to play a large part of converting website visitors into customers, so this needs to be placed somewhere that is highly visible and will compel your visitors to take the action that you require. You should also remember some of the other important content positioning techniques such as placing a logo and tagline in the header of your website homepage.

When visitors arrive at your website it is because they have either searched and found you via a search engine, clicked on a PPC ad, or you have directed them to your website through effective marketing channels such as email marketing. Therefore, if you are seeing an influx of people to your website, it means your marketing campaigns are proving effective. However, if your vast volumes of traffic amount to nothing and perspective customers do not sign up for newsletters, enquire about your services or purchase any products, then there may be an issue with your content.

Usually, the problem will stem from one or two things – either people can’t find your content because your layout/navigation is too complex, or your content simply isn’t strong enough. If your stats are showing that you are getting high volumes but only a tiny percentage turn out to be business leads, then you need to look at your content. Therefore, turn to sites such as Forbes for advice on how to create suitable content. However, make sure to thoroughly research how to produce and market effective content for maximum effect.