How to Boost Your Ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many tactics that can boost your rankings with ease, and won’t require too much time or effort. Read how to easily boost your ranking in the search engine results pages.

Google My Business
Local SEO is important for almost every online business, as up to 60% of searches now come from mobile devices. Not only that, but half of these stores will visit a store within a day after performing a local search.

Don’t overlook the importance of local SEO, as you could miss a considerable amount of leads and, as a result, sales. One easy local SEO tactic is optimizing your Google My Business account.

All you need to do is claim your listing (if you haven’t done so already), add or update your business details, and add different yet specific categories for your business. Play to your niche and avoid adding broad categories. Don’t forget to add high-quality images of the inside and outside of your business. Another effective Google My Business tactic is to encourage customers to leave reviews on your website.

Identify and Fix Crawl Errors
You will want Google to be able to crawl your website with ease, as this can boost your ranking in the search engine. However, crawl errors could be affecting your place in the SERPs. It is, therefore, important to both identify and fix any crawl errors, which could prevent Google from effectively crawling through your website.

This will allow you to identify the following errors quickly:

  • Server errors
  • 404 errors
  • URLs that point to a non-existent page

All you need to do is click on “Crawl” on your dashboard, then “Crawl Errors”. If there are no issues, then it will tell you that no errors have been detected within the last 90 days. If there are errors, you must strive to fix them immediately.

Quality Outbound Links
Every marketer knows that inbound links are a superb ranking factor for a website. Yet, outbound links are also just as important for a ranking signal. Outgoing links to relevant, authoritative websites can positively improve your ranking in the SERPs, as you are aiming to provide your visitors with value.

Link Building Tactics
You must, however, look beyond the links you incorporate on your website. It’s essential to ensure many authoritative websites are linking back to your landing pages, too. An effective link building tactic can shoot your website up the search engines in your niche, so you can drive additional traffic, boost brand awareness and increase your conversion rate. Consider a full service digital marketing agency to implement a link building or SEO campaign to improve your rank in Google.

Here’s a solid resource to learn more: 2019 Link Building Strategy | How to Plan Your Backlinks | Outreachmama 

The right SEO tactics can make or break your company’s success online. It can help you organically drive traffic to your website, which can boost your sales and ensure you develop a broad and loyal customer base to grow from strength to strength.

Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to Your Email Design

For the past few years, user experience has been the primary focus of web design. Design and visual elements are no longer used just to make a website appear better or more professional. They can also deliver a better user experience to viewers. The kind of font a site uses or the colors added to
each page can greatly influence UX.

The same design elements used in websites can also be used in emails. In fact, businesses and internet marketers are starting to implement UX approaches to boost the effectiveness of their email messages. There are several reasons why you need to start paying attention to the design of your emails.

Consistent Branding
Similar to the way branding needs to be consistent on your main website and social media pages, adding branding elements to email messages is good for consistency. There are limitations to how much branding you can do in emails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reinforce your key branding messages every time you send an email to clients or potential clients.

The key to successful branding in email messages is moderation. Instead of an elaborate header or a comprehensive set of branding elements, you can opt for a simple, carefully branded signature instead. A design change as simple as making the signature on employees’ emails consistent can produce a bigger impact than you may anticipate.

Consistent Content Delivery
Email utilize the same HTML and CSS combination to deliver content. This means you can also implement the content delivery approach you use on your site to create a better user experience with every email. You can, for example, deliver the email message using a specific font. As long as you stick to a web-safe font, the recipient will be able to see the email the way you design it to be displayed.

Some companies even go as far as using email verification tools such as The Email Finder and building different delivery themes for different recipient groups. The emails sent to customers are different in design and delivery than the emails sent to corporate clients, vendors, and even stakeholders.

A well-designed email also inspires credibility. Recipients who are familiar with your email branding and consistent design will find it easier to trust the emails you send. At the same time, professional-looking emails also develop credibility in the eyes of potential clients and existing customers.

The design of your email can even affect the customers’ decision-making process. A promotional email with a bad design is less likely to generate interest and arouse engagement. Good design and a strong call to action, on the other hand, will produce a higher conversion.

The Mobile World
One last reason why the design of your email is important is, of course, the fact that the majority of recipients now read their emails on smartphones and mobile devices. The right email design will ensure a smooth user experience is maintained, even when the email is viewed on a relatively small screen.

Should you start paying closer attention to the design of your email? Based on the reasons we discussed in this article, the answer is a big YES. By ignoring the design aspect of your emails, you are missing out on a lot of benefits already.

The best cost-effective business bundles available

Software bundles are the dream for businesses. They allow organizations to purchase multiple programs in one go, often saving a lot of cash in the long-run.

But with so many bundles out there, under so many names, how can you be sure which one is the best for your business? Here we’ll be taking a look at a couple of bundles that, on the surface, might not seem like the obvious choice, but will certainly pack a punch and prove useful for your business needs.

Pro Apps Bundle for Education (Apple)

The first thing that may put you off is the word education.

The great thing is this package isn’t limited to schools or colleges. It’s available to the general public, which also means business owners. At just $199, you get five leading pieces of software; Final Cut Pro X; Logic Pro X; Motion 5; Compression 4 and Mainstage 3. Now, while you might not necessarily use editing or music production software on a daily basis, a lot of the programs are useful for businesses.

You might be filming a small commercial of which you’ll probably need editing software to apply a few final touches – this is where Final Cut Pro X comes into play. With powerful media organization features, you can tag and filter your files for quick and simple browsing. Or, maybe you’ve created a new jingle for a radio campaign, and you’re now looking for a way to crisp up the sound. Logic Pro X will help in this instance.

Then you have Motion 5, which can create stunning 3D titles; Compressor 4 which allows professional encoding when partnered up with Logic Pro X; or Mainstage 3 – a live performance app, perfect if you’re hosting a conference. On the surface, it might not seem like a software bundle orientated around business, but it certainly has practical uses.

Office 365

Office 365 is the all-encompassing package that can serve your business needs completely. The individual components of Office are expensive, and while you might only have to purchase the license once, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be using the latest version in a few years’ time. That’s why if you’re looking to buy Microsoft Office anytime soon, we recommend you consider the pay-monthly Office 365 package from a software vendor such as Bytes. They offer customized packages, so your company only pays for the tools they need and use.

You’ll get Microsoft Word, which is the most popular Word processing tool on the market; with multiple templates spanning from business proposals to invoices, this tool will ensure any documentation you send over looks smart and professional.

Then you have Excel, which is one of the most powerful statistical and analytical tools around. You’ll be able to crunch the financials surrounding your business with ease, and is a tool that your accountant will definitely need. Finally, you have PowerPoint, which is one of the most efficient pieces of presentation software you’ll ever get your hands on – arguably much better than Apple Keynote.

Alongside all of the above, and more, you’ll get access to Microsoft Exchange, the most efficient email client for your business. All you need to do is set-up your business email – either in-house or through a third party – and you’ll have complete control over all of your emails.

Office 365 is one of the most important tools your organization will use, and is certainly a highly recommended, reputable package for business purposes.

The Importance of Having Great Design in Your Business

There are many aspects that will attract new customers to your business: from the services and products you offer to your customer service and location. However, there’s one part that people often miss out – and it’s something that can really make or break a business. It’s how your business looks. It might seem superficial, but people trust brands that are well established – or at least look it. If you don’t make the effort to style your business professionally, then people will have doubts about how good and reliable you are. It might seem like a lot of work, but ensuring that all your collateral is well designed, is worth it in the end.

First impressions count

If a potential customer visits your website and is greeted with a mess of awful design, or just blocks of content, they probably won’t stay long. You need to make sure that whatever your audience looks at, it gives them the right impression about your website. You might have plans to roll out better design later in the year, but that first impression will always stick with your customer.

Your brand needs an identity

How many times do you go to a shop and buy a product because you know the brand? It probably happens quite a lot. So, you need to recreate this. You need to start working on what your design will look like – from your color palette to the shapes and graphics you use. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can find software online that includes a free logo creator, so you can get the most important part under your belt. You should also create some kind of guidelines: do you want many images of people, or abstract ones? Do you want bright colors or muted shades? The more research you can put in, the better your brand will work with your targeted audience.


Make your buyer’s experience easy

Great design will make your prospective clients’ lives so much easier. It’ll let them just visit your website and effortlessly find the service, product or information that they’re looking for: it’s all part of having efficient, effective user experience. The right kind of design will also make your most important information stand out: people won’t have to spend hours searching and scrolling, as they’ll easily be able to see what’s what. Likewise, a well-designed page with the right colors will aid your audience when they read your website. Having clashing colors or too light a font can make content incredibly hard to read.

Set yourself apart

If your band takes full advantage of design, and uses it in the right way, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from competitors. For one, you’ll be memorable with a unique brand and distinctive logo. You’ll also look better than everyone else: if you’re choosing to spend a lot of money with a company, you’re always going to use appearance as a differentiator. If your website and marketing collateral looks smart and professional, your audience will know that you’ve got the skills, money and time to dedicate to projects – and will trust you’ll do the same for them.