6 Tips to Strengthen Your Retail Store

A retail company’s ability to separate itself from their industry rivals will determine its success in the market place. It’s about developing a unique selling point while improving your operations at every opportunity. We are therefore providing six top tips to strengthen your retail store.

1. Invest in Employee Training

It doesn’t matter how pretty your shop appears or how enticing your deals might be, people will not want to shop with you if you provide an inadequate customer service. Shoppers are often happier to pay a little more for great customer service from a brand they both like and trust. That’s why it is essential to provide every employee with through customer service training to ensure they are always listening, are available and can anticipate your customers’ needs. Always strive to go above and beyond for your customers, which will ensure they continue to buy from your business time and again.

2. An eCommerce Portal

Introduce an eCommerce portal into your operations to grow your retail brand, as it can improve the customer experience and maximize your SEO presence while helping to cross-sell and up-sell your products and services. B2C websites can offer multiple white labelled catalogue capabilities, content management systems that integrate with your internal systems, and a huge array of features and functionality. Visit weaveability.com to learn more about the portal.

3.Work with Social Influencers

Social influencers can help your retail company reach a larger audience, as they can promote your products on their social media platforms, which can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website. You simply provide an influencer or brand ambassador with a reward for a promotion.

4. Click and Collect

One study found that a third of shoppers would prefer for a product to be delivered to a nearby location, rather than sending the item directly to their home. 50% stated they would like to pick up the item in-store, while 45% of respondents stated they would often buy another product during their visit to the store. This service can also be made possible using the omni-channel eCommerce portal.

5. Email Marketing

Do you have an upcoming in-store or online promotion? Are you set to host an event? Keep your loyal customers and prospective buyers in the loop by sending an email marketing campaign directly to their inbox. Use segmentation to separate customer demographics into groups, which will allow your retail store to only send relevant content to your subscribers. For example, if you have an offer that is exclusive to your London retail store, you can send an email directed to subscribers within the capital city.

6. Offer Complimentary Services

Do you sell retail products that might require additional maintenance? If so, it might be worthwhile to offer additional services free of charge to customers, which could encourage them to drop back into your store and make an additional purchase. For instance, a jeweler could provide a free jewelery cleaning service for all customers who bought an item from their store, or they could provide a free battery change for a watch.

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Auto Ad Generation from Google is Coming

As the old adage goes “variety is the spice of life.” Everyone likes to have options and choices, your customers are no different. They are going to be looking for different services and products at different times. It’s important that your digital marketing efforts both appeal to these potential customers at these different points and fully encompass the entire breadth of your business. By having more ads running in your Google Adwords account you open up more possibilities of offering exactly what your customers are looking for at a given moment. According to Google, having more ads in your account leads to more impressions and more clicks. Since they are always looking for ways to help their customers increase online interactions, Google is implementing a new beta feature for Adwords. Essentially, Google will examine your current headlines, descriptions, ad extensions and relevant information found on your ads’ landing page to auto generate new ads as a way of expanding impressions and clicks for advertisers. This new feature will begin testing on September 24, 2017, and Google will notify all advertisers 14 days in advance of any auto ad creations. This will give time to review ads and decide whether to implement them or not. If no action is taken the new ads will begin to run after 14 days.

Reaching more people and adding more variety to online advertising efforts without having to put in work seems like a winning proposition- and most of the time that would be true. But it is always a good idea to keep an eye on all the factors of your online advertising efforts- including budget, keyword review, and conversion rates. As a certified Google Partner and Adwords expert, 3PRIME monitors each advertising account closely for any changes or impacts that new ads or policies may have. And while reaching a wider audience and more potential customers is great, there is also the need to ensure that you are targeting the right audiences and that any new ads – especially auto generated – aren’t bringing empty clicks to your website with little chance of increasing your business or gaining a new customer. If you are planning on taking advantage of this just be sure that someone is monitoring your account so you don’t end up spending money on underperforming ads.

Learn How to Target Both Online and In Store Customer Moments with Google Partners Connect 8/16

If you are a current retailer or business and are wondering how you can drive up sales, then be sure to pay close attention to the steps from the recent Google Partners Connect event on 8/16. One of the biggest problems that retailers have been complaining about if the recent decline in foot traffic at stores. What is happening is that more customers are using online shopping than ever before. You have to be there for your customers wherever they are: both online and in store.

As a retailer, you need to make an online strategy that helps to drive your mobile website to better connect with customers. Even though foot traffic has declined with retailers, this does not necessarily make it a bad thing. In fact, when people actually do shop at a store, they are spending more money. People are now 25% more likely to make a purchase in store, since they are shopping less. In store, people are also spending 10% more on purchases than they were before.

The good side about customers being connected with mobile is that they are prepared before they even get into the store. The can learn all kinds of information about your business from it’s location to it’s current sale items. Stores are assuming people want to be educated in stores, but people are doing that themselves with online research and learning about the hottest trends. Mobile queries have increased by 25%, which makes it so important for retailers to be present on and offline.

Mobile has now become the center of shopping whether it is researching, browsing or in-store shopping for an item. Retailers need to be there for both online and offline moments to connect with their customer. Since trends are driving customer behavior, a retailer must build towards these trends to grow their business. They would rather want the retailer that is there for them in their moment of need rather than be loyal to a particular brand. They also would rather receive a personable and tailored message from a retailer than a one-size-fits-all message.  The shopping experience should also be seamless, since 53% of users leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Make sure the shopping journey is a great experience so you will have return customers.

The power of online shopping with Google is helping retailers to be discovered by new customers from all over. When you are present for your customers, you are 3 times more likely to engage in top positions. If you plan ahead for big events like holiday shopping, you will be better prepared to handle more customers. Plan ahead large promotions and sales, such as planning Christmas promotions right after Halloween ends. Make your whole inventory available on Google shopping during your campaign, to make sure you aren’t losing any business. Stand out by offering promotions like free shipping or coupons. For marketing, remarketing, customer match and marketing similar audience will increase conversion rates. By planning ahead for new customers and offering them a seamless experience online and in store, you will be sure to keep customers and target many more.

Latest News in Business SMS

Google My Business now has a new feature that allows businesses to get customers even quicker than before. Since it is so competitive out there for businesses, it is crucial to be there for your customers when they need you. If you are not there at that exact moment that they need you, then they will just go to one of your competitors. Google My Business is now making it easier to connect with potential customers by providing an area in the Google My Business Listing for the customer to send a text directly to you.

Since small business texting is the most underutilized tool in business, it is the time that you try beating your competition by using this method. Knowing that almost everyone is now texting, it is just another reason to get your business on the SMS bandwagon. GMB has an option to call, but many times this will lead potential customers with your voicemail. Do you really want to leave your customers waiting? Most of the time, customers will just hang up and call another business that is available when you aren’t to do the same work.


To get your business to step into the digital, mobile first age, you must get your customers texting. Text links to your customers to get more reviews for your business. This is not only a much easier way of getting reviews but the more good reviews you have – the more customers you will have. People do not want to go to a business without reviews, and 90 percent of new customers will look at reviews before visiting your business.

How Does Texting Increase User Effectiveness?

Texting increases user effectiveness because text messages will get read with a higher response rate than emails or phone calls. It is also an immediate form of communication. It does not require a lot of effort for the customer or for the business owner. It’s relatable and personal as a majority of customers in the U.S. have their mobile devices 24/7. Text messaging also does not need a connection to the internet, where email marketing would. Email marketing response rates are a lot lower than text messaging because of this reason. Customers can easily opt-in or opt-out of messages, which makes the benefits of texting hard for a business or customer to ignore.


You can follow-up with potential leads by texting people who have expressed an interest in what you do. Since many salespeople face the challenge of getting responses, contacting potential prospects is a smarter way to get an almost guaranteed sale. Since people are searching numerous businesses on Google who do the same thing you do, you have to stand out to them. You must react first to get the customer every time, and the quickest way to reach them is through text. Many social media platforms are already including a ‘click to text’ button like Instagram. This allows you to engage with more customers on a quicker basis. This effortless business strategy will help to build your customers and reputation while allowing you to be more familiar with the mobile age.