Google Partner’s Connect 3/13

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Marketing

The partner’s connect this week was about the importance of video ads, and finding ways for your business to use them. Youtube is a platform that can transform your business, like it has for many others. Videos play into the consumer journey, and allow the consumer to relate more than to a text ad. By adding a deeper experience, with sight, sounds and motion – you can create an add that will not be ignored. Youtube allows companies to play into a powerful storytelling format, expressing emotion and connecting with consumers in ways you can’t with other ad types.

As Google searches capture people, video is able to move people. Youtube has a large viewing among users – 1.5 billion users per month will view videos one hour per day. With that amount of time spent on video platforms, you want to be able to get your point across efficiently in a short amount of time. You are able to reach the right audience through intent to purchase, and identify keyword themes. Since over 50 percent of Youtube viewership is done on a mobile device, you need to try to reach users across all devices. You can be more precise with your ads to target life events, target through consumer patterns and target searched keywords on Google. You can also re-engage users who didn’t convert with remarketing and consumer match by using the remarketing list to change engagers to converters. Companies see big results when they reach the right people based on user intent.

Another issue with the digital world is how to get mobile user’s attention. Since people frequently multi-task, you have a matter of seconds before your audience is disengaged. Since mobile users have all of the control at their fingertips, they have to option to skip anything that does not appeal to them. 7 in 10 teens watch over 3 hours of mobile video per day. 8 in 10 adults will multitask on another device when watching Youtube videos. This means ⅓ of ads are missed, making companies more competitive for attention. TV viewers pay attention to only 45 percent of the commercial time. Since the next generation has skippable content, it is important that we make ads to engage consumers based on targeting through interests. Video ads on Youtube make it possible to know your ad’s viewability. Since video ads are allowed to be seen and heard, there will be a 2.6x higher brand and product consideration from using these ads. Youtube ad’s are 95 percent viewable with full sight and sound, which will give your brand the attention it deserves. If you are interested in getting more attention towards your brand, contact 3PRIME LLC today!

You can view the video replay right here!