5 Tips for Designing A Great Business Card

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Design

Every business needs a business card, and having a memorable one is a great way to help your business stand out from the crowd. When networking with a potential client, standing out becomes one of the deciding factors for why they would choose your business and not others. Once you get noticed, you also need to make sure you can convey exactly what you do and how you can help without making things too complicated. This can be challenging to get across on such a small card, but if done right, you can garner more opportunities for your business making it worth the investment.

Here are 5 tips to remember when you’re creating your card:


Make sure you don’t over-complicate the card with too much information. Keep it simple and clean, only adding in information you want people to see (name of business, address, web address etc.).


It’s important that everyone can be able to read the information on the card or people won’t bother to look at it again. The minimum size font on the card should be 7pt, but any smaller and people will start to have problems. Make sure the fonts you choose are easy to read and there isn’t more than 3 being used if you’re using more than one.

Memorable Facts

State a memorable fact, something that will intrigue them enough to remember your card and lead them to finding out more about your business. (ex.Connecticut’s Highest Rated Personal Trainer.)

Leave the back of the card Uncoated

Consider leaving the back of your card uncoated so you or the recipient can add a note about what you discussed before they put your card away. This would help them recall some of the things you’ve discussed and if they’d like to follow up on something, your information is right on the front.


Try something different other than the standard business card dimensions. Make a square business card or a mini-card, these layouts will definitely gain some attention. Make your business card scannable, having a QR Code is a modern way of allowing people to scan more information about your business with their cell phones; not to mention it looks really cool too!