Responsive Design for LinkedIn Cover

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Design, Social Media

Why is LinkedIn important and why worry about how your business page cover works on mobile phones and tablets?

Linkedin is the social media site for professionals, and what better way to market your brand than to be on a platform with other professionals looking to network? If you’re a small business owner, you should create a Linkedin Company page to ensure your brand is properly searchable on Linkedin. If you are a B2B, it is absolutely critical for both validations as well as lead nurturing. Not only will it help to promote your business on social media, but it can help to add credibility to your business, educate potential clients about your brand, and also help to generate more traffic to your external website. 

While it’s beneficial to have a Company Page with Linkedin most businesses are forgetting to make sure that their pages are prepared for mobile devices. Having a header and profile image that is mobile responsive will not only make your page look more professional and put together on multiple devices, but it will express to others that you are conscious about being mobile-friendly. Did you know that more than half of Linkedin’s traffic comes from mobile devices![1]

What are the dimensions for a LinkedIn cover?

As of January 2020, the new dimensions for a Linkedin “Corporate” Page is 1128 x 191 pixels, however, we used the LinkedIn Personal Profile dimensions, 1536 x 768 pixels. This is because it gives us a little more room to play around with the image, especially if we want to add text. If you do add text make sure not to put a lot, just a simple title will do. You may need a professional designer to get it just right but the mockups below will give you the guidance you need to do it yourself and make sure you get the text to show on all devices. As you can see in the image attached, this is how our document looked:


Main Image:

What is the visible portion of the cover image on a mobile portrait?



What is the visible portion of the cover image on the mobile landscape?

What is the visible portion of the cover image on tablets?

What is the visible portion of the cover image on wide displays?



Linkedin is a great way to connect with people, companies, and other businesses in a professional light through social media. Take advantage of the platform, make connections, and look professional by making sure your profile and hero banner images are responsive for all devices. 


For more information on how to make your linkedin profile look more professional, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Crystal Campbell is the In-house Graphic Designer for 3PRIME Web Solutions.



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