Received a Spam Listing Ownership Request? Here’s how to REJECT it!

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Cyber Security, SEO

Received a Spam Listing Ownership Request? Here’s how to REJECT it!

This is not something we run into often but in the past 2 days, 3 home improvement companies we support have received spam transfer ownership requests for their Google My Business listings.
Here’s what they look like:
If you are a local business or even a national one with multiple locations, these listings should be considered critical infrastructure for your digital marketing. As we have developed our new service, LENS by 3PRIME, we have discovered that the potential for some kinds of leads, particularly phone calls, can far outweigh website traffic and conversions. As website pros since 2005, this has really sparked our imagination and we’ve organized a new approach built around what we’ve discovered.
This week, we received a spam ownership transfer request for a client, whom we reached out to to see if it was legitimate. They had never heard about it and so the request was rejected. Not an hour later, we received a call from another client and walked them through the rejection. This morning I got another ownership transfer request for the same client as yesterday.

If you receive one of these emails above from Google, and you have questions, feel free to call 203-789-8229 to speak with a digital marketing professional. 

If you are comfortable dealing with it on your own, here’s how:
Step 1: Click the link [Review Request]
Step 2: Click the bubble to reject the request
Step 3: Click the Reject Request button
Once you have done this, your Google My Business profile remains unchanged.
If you need an affordable system to promote your locations with minimal but consistent involvement, check out what we’re doing with LENS. 

Happy Selling!