eCommerce and Your Business

by | Oct 15, 2020 | ECommerce

During the latest livestream, professional trainers discussed the benefits of businesses setting up an online store with Shopify and how to list their products on Google. The livestream provides a solid overview and if you need help, 3PRIME is here for you!

We really appreciated everyone who joined us yesterday and took the opportunity to share their stories and eCommerce opportunities!

Downloadable Resources

Follow Along Guide – Download this PDF as a follow along guide as your watch the video.

Partner Tips – Tips from national business organizations for holiday selling and eCommerce.

Top Takeaways – Highlights and action steps discussed in the webinar.

Need help with SSLs and analytics configurations? Let us know and we’ll get your online selling platform squared away!

Adding products to your Business Profile on Google

Sign in at google.com/business

  1. Click Products > Add product
  2. Upload photo and name product
  3. Select or create category
  4. (Optional) Set price or price range
  5. (Optional) Add description
  6. (Optional) Add button, like Order Online or Buy; add link
  7. Click Save

Pre-Webinar Questions Answered

Re: ecommerce, how do you evaluate the cost/benefit of launching and maintaining your own website/storefront (as well as fulfillment) vs. the potential high cost of just trying to drive traffic to said website/storefront?

Depends on what you are selling and what regions you are targeting. National ecommerce strategies certainly require more resources to acquire relevant traffic.

In terms of setting up a store for the holidays, this webinar will walk through creating a shopify storefront and connecting it with Google Merchant Center. If you have less than 30 products, this can be setup with relative ease and advertised using Google shopping ads to your target region.

With any new opportunity, we encourage you to use a scientific approach.

  1. Make an observation. – Consumers are buying more online
  2. Ask a question. – If I offer products for sale online, can I increase my revenue
  3. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
    • I will provide $_____ budget to try out this ecommerce channel
    • I will run this channel for _____ days
    • My breakeven point is _____
    • I will need to generate ______ sales to break even.
  4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
    • I predict that I can breakeven with ____ sales
    • I will measure sales using Google analytics and __________
  5. Test the prediction.
    • Make sure your plan is properly resourced and funded
    • Make sure there are no significant issues that would give misleading results, i.e.
      • Customers cannot checkout
      • Orders cannot be fulfilled quickly
      • Customer communications fail to transmit properly
  6. Audit your results and decide if it was worthwhile