Linkedin Dark Mode, Is Your Profile Getting Lost on a Dark Screen?

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Articles

With Linkedin making their dark mode feature available globally last month, it now gives users the option to choose between a dark or light screen. Dark mode, which is often used to ease eye strain, is a very common feature used on social media platforms. It’s important for businesses to take notice of this change and review their profiles to accommodate any changes needed to the cover or logo. Before the feature was an option, you might have seen a business profile with dark branding to contrast the white background on Linkedin, but now that you can switch to a darker view that branding will be harder to see or gets losts.





It might be beneficial for your business to update your social media branding to accommodate this new change.


3PRIME can help you with this!


We can create  “dark-mode friendly” cover and logo files for company LinkedIn pages so your business’ branding will stand out in either mode without getting lost.



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