Accessibility: It’s No Longer Just an Add-on

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Marketing, Technology, Web Design, Web Development

Inclusiveness is key in 2022. Did you know that making your website more accessible to people with disabilities will actually help reduce your bounce rates and increase conversions? People who are a part of these communities are more likely to visit and spend money with businesses who have websites that make them feel included. Here at 3PRIME, we are accessibility experts and have partnered with a turn-key solution provider to make accessibility an easy investment in your business.

Why Accessibility? Just like SSL was considered a premium add-on five years ago and is now a standard cost of doing business on the web, we believe every business should be prioritizing accessibility.

Accessibility is something that every business should address before it becomes a crisis. It should no longer be considered an optional add-on for your website, it is a core business function.

By making your website accessible and compliant with WACG Guidelines, you are not only protecting your business from from legal liability, you are choosing an economical way to expand your reach and reduce bounce rates from the 15% of the population with some form of disability.

Through our partnership with AccessiBe, we are able to offer an extended 30-day trial of AccessiBe. It’s time to Be Inclusive, and we’re here to help.