Get Ready For 2023 With These Prominent Web Trends

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Marketing

Looking forward to 2023 shows signs that it’s going to be a great year for many businesses. Social media interactions are at an all time high and your business should be ramping up marketing efforts across all channels. Monitoring interactions and engagement across platforms is a job in and of itself. Has your business considered outsourcing your marketing efforts so you can focus on what you’re best at – your business.

Social ecommerce has significantly changed how merchants sell goods digitally. This sales channel is expected to explode in 2023. Social ecommerce is not decelerating. COVID-19 has pushed mass amounts of buyers to seek our creative avenues for purchasing the goods they seek and being able to sell digitally is a key way to target a new customer group. Instagram has become a significant channel for selling goods in 2022 and that trends is expected to continue in 2023.

More and more is going to be expected from businesses and brands in terms of social media customer service, too. Consumers want to feel connected and a part of a community. Simply posting once a day and calling that your social media strategy is no longer effective nor will it help you generate demand. Enhancing customer interactions is incentive enough to engage with consumers on social media. It’s the key factor in building brand loyalty and trust, while also keeping your business at the forefront of a consumer’s mind.

Chatbots and live chat integrations are newer technologies that are on the rise for on-site communications. Automating your customer interactions can help them find what they are looking for faster, get the information they need, or get in touch with a human who can answer questions in real time. The rise of AI has allowed for these chatbots to become incredibly intelligent and adaptable to getting consumers the information they are searching for. The reality of doing business nowadays is that consumers want answers 24/7, even when your business may be closed. Chatbots are an effective way to get them answers even when your business is closed.

Byte-sized content is also skyrocketing. TikTok, as well as Instagram Reels and Facebook Shorts, allow users to quickly get information within a 30-second to 3-minute video. And as digital trends have gone the past few years – video is king. People are able to digest and retain information visually. Your content needs to be concise, engaging, and creative so viewers can quickly absorb the information provided. People do not have attention spans of more than a few seconds when browsing social media, so if you cannot capture their attention in the first 3 seconds, you have lost out on a potential sale. These videos shouldn’t be super polished, either. People respond best to videos that are rougher around the edges, stuff that seems like it was quickly filmed on a cellphone because, to the consumer, it feels more authentic.

We expect to see these key areas have exponential growth in 2023, so if you’re looking for marketing assistance or a team to handle your marketing and automation needs, look no farther than 3PRIME, LLC.