Linking for Success: How Inbound Links for SEO are Used to Increase Organic Rankings

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Articles, Marketing, SEO

Link building is an essential piece of any quality SEO strategy. It is an effective way to improve your website’s rankings on Google. We’re here to discuss how to use link building to improve the ranking of a specific page on your website. 

Before we dive in, it’s crucial to note that not all links are created equal. It’s vital to get links from high-quality sites that have both a good reputation and a high domain rating. In cases of link building we do for clients, sites must have a domain rating of 50 or higher to meet our criteria. 

Our most common tactic to build new links for SEO is to create blog posts to be posted on other websites that will link back to specific pages on your website. For that purpose, it’s important that the links point to the pages where we want to increase organic rankings.

For example, we do this a lot for clients where we are trying to increase rankings for a specific city or town page. Lets say that they currently appear on page 3 of Google for a search for a specific town and service they provide. The blog post we create will contain two links tied to keywords we’re targeting.

Picking the Right Link Text

The keywords we’re targeting are a combination of the town and the service, i.e. Web design in Hamden, CT. The keywords may slightly change to make grammatical sense, such as adding the word “in” so the link would read “web design in Hamden, CT”. What is critical is that we use keywords that are relevant to the page you are linking to. Generic terms will not help you rank higher. 

We make sure that the target page is properly optimized and that the links are correctly associated with our target keywords. Now we’re ready to build links!

Writing and Publishing the Links

Our team creates the content that will be published with the links we want. Once the blog post is published, Google will index it and credit the page that it’s linking to. As a result, Google will associate that URL with those above keywords. Like all SEO work geared towards improving website rankings, the results take a week or so before you see any positive impact on rankings. 

After the links are indexed by Google, it’s essential to monitor the rankings for the target keywords. The goal is to see your website, specifically the target URL, ranking on page 1 of Google for those terms. If the links have a positive impact on your rankings, it may be worth considering adding more link building posts to dominate those keywords. The more quality links your pages have, the better it is for your business. 

Rinse and Repeat

Link building is a powerful tool that can help improve rankings for specific pages on your website. By getting links from high quality sites with a good reputation, high DR, using relevant keywords, coupling with smart on-page SEO and monitoring rankings, you can boost your business’ visibility on Google. Using SEO for a one-time boost is less effective than consistent SEO services to achieve first page results – which will get you more business!