Google Marketing Live 2023: A Lesson on Today’s Most Vital Marketing Practices & a Glimpse Into the Future of AI!

by | May 31, 2023 | Articles, Marketing, SEO, Technology

Written by: Abigail Craig – 3PRIME, LLC. Marketing Intern

As I begin my journey this summer working as a marketing intern with 3PRIME, LLC., I’m feeling more than eager to apply what I’ve learned throughout my college career into real world experiences and find out what the world of marketing has in store for me.

Beyond many of the more popularly used platforms such as Canva, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Cloud, Google has typically been nothing but an easy tool that I’ve used when it comes to creating documents or sending emails. However, after attending Google’s annual Google Marketing Live event, it’s become clear just how much more there still is for not only me, but for everyone to learn in this rapidly changing world of technology!

Hosted by Google’s Technology Broadcast Journalist Laurie Segall and Vice President Jason Spero, this year’s Google Marketing Live 2023 covered more “higher-level topics” ranging from privacy policies to the company’s newest and soon-to-come Artificial Intelligence (AI) features, to which prior to this, I knew very little about. The event was also promoted and allowed live direct viewer feedback through the hashtag #GML2023.

Your marketing, multiplied by Google AI.

Jerry Dischler (VP/GM, Ads, Google)

The world of AI is mindblowing! Whether it’s one single picture you may want to create for an advertisement or an entire video campaign to promote your brand, Google is developing new ways of accomplishing these goals with just the touch of a button. A few of their newest features or programs that will be able to do this include: Google Performance Max, Google Search Labs, Demand Generation campaigns, and so much more. 

Through Google’s Performance Max asset creation tools, people such as business owners, marketers, and advertisers will be able to copy and paste the URL of whichever website they choose and allow AI technology to provide stock images and further image generation capabilities to ensure that they have the best quality visuals for their website(s).

Google has also officially announced their plans to further optimize their search engine tools by using Generative Search, or what they are calling Search Generative Experience (SGE), and the newly-developed power of Supercharging. Not only will SGE allow Google users to receive even more tailored results in response to their Google questions or concerns, but with the help of supercharging, Google users will also have the ability to make a search and add a follow up question for more clarity or further details afterwards!

I have a feeling that Google’s Demand Generation campaigns will also become an extremely widely utilized tool in the very near future. Designed ideally for social marketers, Demand Gen will be another program that runs directly through AI. With the help of its “lift and shift” capabilities, Demand Generation campaigns will soon become an easily accessible tool for converting images into different layouts and sizes depending on whichever platform that the user may want to post on.

If a small business owner, for instance, were to have a single picture that they wanted to use in a Facebook post, they would be able to use the Demand Generation campaigns tool to create that post not only for Facebook, but also have another post specifically designed for a separate platform such as Instagram Stories. Through this tool, users will be given the luxury of cutting down on time and stress for something as simple as a single post online.

Aside from the elaborate explanations as to how each of these Google programs are set to work, a very large portion of the live event was also spent discussing the serious fears and concerns that many may have surrounding the powers of AI. I found this to be very interesting. 

As an approaching senior in college who plans to work in the marketing field for years to come, I too, like many, have grown to become quite fearful of the skills that AI is capable of and whether or not this may take away from any job opportunities in the future. In response to these similar concerns, however, I believe that the Vice President and General Manager of Advertising at Google Vidhya Srinivasan put it perfectly.

You are not competing with AI; you are competing with other marketers who are using AI.

Vidhya Srinivasan (VP/GM, Search Ads and Ads on Google Experiences)

While there’s no doubt that AI tools have the potential to do a lot more than developing graphics or improving search engines further down the road, many of Google’s most well-known and respected employees made sure to emphasize during this event how it will not be Artificial Intelligence itself that businesses will be expected to compete against, but those businesses who make an effort to keep-up with the newest technologies if you choose to fall behind. 

Although this new change can seem scary to many, Head of Search and Shopping at PMG Jason Hartley made an effort to highlight just how important our mindsets will be in the midst of all this change. 

Rather than being fearful of what these new forms of technology might take away from us, we should instead think of how we can take this technology and use it to achieve better results, in less time, with less of a hassle – and the easiest way to do this is by following Google’s Vice President of Customer Solutions John Nicoletti’s top three “AI Essentials.”

  • Step 1: “Embrace AI in your marketing strategy.”
  • Step 2: “Maximize results with AI-powered campaigns.”
  • Step 3: “Build a strong measurement foundation that can fuel AI.”

With the knowledge that Artificial Intelligence is not expected to leave us nor the business world any time soon, by following these three simple steps, Nicoletti is hopeful that Google users’ transitions into their newest AI tools will become much less daunting than they had initially thought.

AI – ‘Always Improving!

John Nicoletti (VP, Customer Solutions, Americas, Google)

Despite originally entering Google Marketing Live 2023 with an apprehensive perspective on the possibilities of AI, I’m now leaving with the clarity that it is in not only Google’s, but many other developers’ best interests, to focus on utilizing AI as a tool for simply making tasks quicker, easier, and fun

With the help of these tools, marketers and business owners of all kinds will be able to achieve new goals that no one has ever achieved before and I find that exciting. As both an aspiring and future marketer in the year of 2023, I’m hopeful that these new forms of technology will take the business world to even greater heights and prove to everyone that with creativity and a drive for success, the possibilities are truly endless!

Click HERE to watch the full Google Marketing Live 2023 event and find more information on how Google plans to implement their newest AI technologies into today!