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3PRIME Gives Back

As a small, local business 3PRIME is all about community engagement. In fact, it is one of the core tenets of our business. This year, we’ve decided to focus our efforts towards the local education system. Education is one of the most pivotal parts of a community and with the new school year around the […]

The Magazine that’s defying the Fashion Industry

I enjoyed reading the article about Net a Porter being one of the top selling magazines. They are a luxury online retailer, Net-a-Porter (Ready to Wear), which took a different direction than most companies. They made an ambitious print magazine, called Porter, which was very risky on their part. But, it turned out to be a success, as they have […]

Enjoy the Great Benefits of Having a Responsive Website Design

SEO is a really hot topic. This is all thanks to the cutthroat competition between websites. Picture this scenario; you want to start a blog or a business website. There is that fantastic idea that you have in mind, right? When you start your website, regardless of how mind-blowing your idea is, you will have […]

Generate great keyword ideas in just 5 minutes

Generating great keywords doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 3 ideas to come up with great keywords with some less obvious tactics. How can I spend just 5 minutes to generate great ideas for keywords? Google suggested searches below search results Rise in “near me” searches has increased 34 times since 2011 and doubled in […]

Questions we ask when we meet a new web design client

When we start a conversation with a new client looking for web design services, we often get a question like this: I would like to establish a professional looking website to promote my services and help expand my current client portfolio base. I found your company online and am interested in hearing more about your […]