Billing Policies

Our goal as an agency is to work with innovative, growing companies. We charge for our services in 3 ways.


We discuss your requests and deliver a scope of work document for your approval, which corresponds to the work to be delivered at the agreed upon price and billing timeline.


Our fixed-monthly retainers enable clients to enjoy a broad variety of our capabilities that can flex according to their digital needs and priorities.


Almost everything else is delivered on a Time & Materials basis.

Hourly Services


Web Design and UI/UX
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Advertising
Hosting & Email
Domains & DNS
& More

General Website Support & Maintenance

Content Writing & Editing
Graphic Design & Photoediting
Data Management
Website Maintenance
General Web Support

We track hourly services and charge rounding up to the nearest quarter hour (15 minutes).

We will provide fixed bids for small updates on an hourly basis. For example, adding a page to your website we might quote at an even hour, and if we go over a bit that’s on us unless there is some change to the request that we notify you of as the work is in progress.


Our agency work includes a lot of website support and maintenance. Sometimes this work is performed as part of a monthly recurring program which includes web support, but if there is no fixed budget in place, our work is performed on a hourly basis and billed as such.

Bills are presented either at the completion of a deliverable or at the end of a monthly or quarterly period depending on the frequency of and amount of work performed.

You can expect an hourly fee to be applied for cases including but not limited to:

  • Updating photos, posting content we are sent
  • Writing new content
  • Website updates and repairs
  • Testing and troubleshooting suspected issues
  • Copywriting assistance
  • Consulting on diverse subjects

If you are not sure if you will be billed, please ask!


We apply incentives for websites we host to encourage these business to continue to invest in their web presence with us. Websites hosted with us enjoy a discounted hourly rate on work performed and other advantages like hosting support during business hours.

  • Reduced hourly rate for general web support.
  • Free SSL – Hosting clients are provisioned an SSL certificate at no additional cost!
  • Quick and reliable hosting support.


We believe in fairness to the extent that it can be applied to our business practices. If we make a mistake, we will do our best to fix it. If our clients make a mistake, we will do our best to fix that too.


Every project includes an MSA to stipulate project governance, communications, and our expectations of our clients. To review our entire master services agreement, please contact us for a copy.