Google Partner’s Event 9/20

The recent Google Partners Connect on 9/20 talked about different industry trends that have popped up over the recent years. As our customers change along with technology, the businesses have to change as well. Three industry changes that we analyzed from the event were: the customers are now in the driver’s seat, data is a game changer and how to drive marketing with machine learning.

Since customers are now in the driver’s seat, they created the shift in how decision makers make purchases. Since the death of b2b salesmen, research before purchase is now in the hands of the customer. B2b buyers are actually 75% into the purchase before they even go through the buyer. That means that not only did they do research on their desired product, but they also do not trust the information provided by sellers. They embrace digital and search before making purchases. In fact, they will make on average 12 searches on the product before purchasing.

Decision makers are becoming much younger, so the target audience must be lowered. Since millennials grew up with technology, they are using it to their benefit. It’s now a multi screen world, and millennials will use multiple devices before making a single purchase. Out of all of these young decision makers, 70 percent of them are engaging in video content. The businesses that keep up with the usage of videos are 25% more likely to have these customers engage with them. Engaging with millennials by making use of 21st century technology will help you to defeat your competition. 75% of mobile sites take 10 seconds to load, but a majority of the people will leave after 3 seconds. Be the business with quick speed and easy-to-access content, so your customers will enjoy their time on your site.

Data is important to keep creating, since more data is necessary keep up with millennials. Each minute, 2.4 million searches on Google are occurring and 142 emails are being sent out or received. Finding out data about customers allows a company to have more personal targeting, instead of targeting to just one large group.You can connect with your audience based on different likes, re marketing, etc. Technology is now changing the way businesses are marketing. Machine learning is being used by businesses such as: artificial intelligence, speech searches, recognizing search patterns, etc. 20% of all searches are now voice-based. This means that customers are in the driver’s seat, and by 2020 – businesses using machine learning will together amount to 1.2 trillion dollars in sales.

Finally, what we can take away from this Google Partners event is that customers are now changing the way we do business. More data is being created than ever, remarketing can be used to target similar people to your customers and machine learning can create dynamic ads and match customers to your type of business.


June 14th Google Partner’s Livestream

The Google Partners event on June 14th was about finding ways to get your business online and how to optimize your web presence to reach more customers. Some of the important things we learned today were how mobile influences purchases, how consumer behavior is changing, and how to grow your business from there.

With the increase of mobile usage in the past few years, it is more and more important for your business to make use of digital platforms. Searches from mobile are more common than searches from desktop computers.  People are doing more local searches for services or products around them. In the last four years, a 34% increase in Google searches included the phrase “near me”. Mobile makes up 84% of ‘near me’ searches, and there is a strong purchase intent after a ‘near me’ search as 3 in 4 people who searched on mobile visited a business within 24 hours. This is why it is so important for a business to be up-to-date in the digital world, and be very mobile-friendly.

Consumer behavior has changed drastically over the past few years. People are reacting on a more immediate basis, consumer expectations are higher, and there is less brand loyalty involved in immediate purchases. Businesses are now forced to adapt to the in-the-moment decisions of consumers in order to keep up with the times. Years ago, purchases used to revolve around physical location and consumer knowledge was limited. Today people can go shopping and compare prices and features of products that aren’t in front of them but they may be interested in.

In order to grow your business, Google shows us how to win by taking business digital. In the past year, revenue growth was 4 times higher for business who used digital marketing. Online shopping is increasing 120% every year, so make sure your website is easy to access.  A couple of tips from Google’s presentation on how to grow your company included creating a free business listing on Google, creating a website that clearly states what your business offers and advertise through display ads, re-marketing, and use demographics to find new customers.


Missed the Livestream? Watch it below!