3PRIME Web Solutions is a 5-Star Web Developer

The internet is a colosseum and websites are like gladiators fighting for a user’s attention. Since it only takes 0.05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about a website, it has become all the more important to have a good-looking site that wows at first sight. Various aspects, like design, page load speed, and SEO performance, determine success or failure.

To stay ahead, you need a partner to build and maintain your website. It requires continuous work in an ever-changing field, after all. You do not need to go anywhere else — our team may just be who you’re looking for.

We are 3PRIME LLC, a digital marketing and web development agency that is determined to make your business grow. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with well-rounded expertise in website development and business management. We are proficient in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Photoshop, WordPress, and more. 

We offer IT solutions for businesses big and small, regardless of budget and situation. Since 2005, we have been the partner of countless startups, nonprofits, and companies in expanding and streamlining their operations.

We were honored to be recently reviewed at Clutch. They are an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals. Their team collected feedback from one of our clients.

Poughkeepsie Optometry hired us for website development and hosting. Our team revamped their website — we updated its design and functionality and gave it a more modern look. We continue to improve the site as we handle its hosting. 

The client is very happy with our partnership, due to our responsiveness to their concerns. They are impressed that we got back to them in less than 12 hours and that we delivered the website as promised. For quality, scheduling, cost, willingness to refer, and an overall score, they gave us a five-star rating.

Generation 4 Analytics Missing Column to Create View

If you’ve found an issue in Google Analytics Gen4 with a missing view column or that you can’t create view, read on to see how to create a new property where you can create views and set up goals for conversion tracking.

This month we created two new analytics accounts for different clients through our normal method. Since our approach is to have our clients “own” their own profiles and provide us with the necessary access, we setup a screenshare and walk them through the process to setup Google Analytics, Google My Business and other Google-related services. 

For the two accounts we setup this week, we used the new Generation 4 Google Analytics, Google analytics 4. These were our first for this beta platform. We did not even notice this critical difference when setting them up. The Google Analytics View column is missing!

In Universal Analytics, when you create a new Account and Property, the default View is automatically created. However, it looks like there is a bug in GA4 that not only doesn’t create a default view, but also makes it impossible to create a view manually. 

After reporting it a few times through the Feedback module, we finally chatted with Google Ads support and they confirmed the issue and made the suggestion below which worked fine. 

Here’s what you do to create a view in GA Gen 4 account:

  1. Create a new Property
    • Set the property name (I suggest adding Universal to it)
    • Set Timezone and Currency
    • Click Show Advanced Options
  2. Enable Universal Analytics. Google has recommended not using the combined option as of now, so when you arrive at this portion of the setup use the following settings.

  1. From here you have the option to fill in the About Your Business section, or skip it for now and click Create to complete the setup.

Once these steps are complete you will receive a new tracking ID and script to implement. Unfortunately, your previous data will not be available, but the View column will be back, Goals and all!

After our experiences dealing with Gen 4, I would recommend against upgrading to it at this time! 

If you are looking for assistance with Google Analytics for your business, check out some of our training services at GetAnalytics.Training!