Highlights from the Google Partners Livestream on 4/19

After watching the Google Partners Livestream, we were able to gather some of the important tips for companies to help their business this year. Technology is now at the heart of business, and everything around us is connected to the web. As trends are continually impacting industries, it is important to follow them in order to still be in business in the near future. Many companies are closing their retail stores, but many people do not realize that they are doing this to enter the digital world. Online shopping has become so prevalent that stores are closing down in order to put their focus on where  consumers spend their time.

Traditional Business Models are Being Challenged

With changing consumer behavior, our industries are being challenged. Traditional business models are changing, and we must be aware of technology shifts in our field. For example, Blockbuster used to be the place that everyone bought their movies. People took their car to a location to browse through VHS and DVDs. Nowadays, movies can be streamed through TVs, laptops and cell phones with just the click of a button. Now people are using companies like Netflix, which allows you to watch shows and movies without leaving your couch. Talk about a business model that changed pretty rapidly within the past 15 years!

Consumer Behavior is Changing

Consumers behavior is changing along with technology. They have 24/7 access to mobile devices, which means that they have access to an unlimited amount of information. So what does this mean for companies? It means that consumers are more informed and aware, creating higher expectations. This is creating more pressure for companies to meet the demands of consumers. All companies today are being challenged, and it is up to them to do something to stand above the competition.

Retail is Changing in the Digital Age

Retail visits are declining as more business moves to eCommerce. From 2013 to 2016, retail visits dropped in half, which is a significant loss. So what can your business do to survive in this new digital age? Instead of using the old mantra “Do whatever to get the customer to the dealership,” imply a new mantra, “Do whatever  to bring the dealership to the customer.”


How Can I Prepare for the Digital Future?
One way to keep up with the digital age is to keep ad spending in sync with consumer behavior. Are you using ads on platforms that have been surpassed by digital ads – such as TV ads? Another thing to consider is being open 24/7.  Making ads profitable is key by knowing when consumers visit your company.  For example, consumers may visit a lawn service company mostly in the Spring and Summer months, which means your companies ads should run according to the influx of customers. Being available for your customers when they are looking for you is a crucial way to get customers.  If you are not available at the time your customers need you, they will look for another company in the same industry that is available. Other things to incorporate to make your business tech-savvy in the future are: keyword research to target your customers, using ad extensions and forms, creating a great mobile experience and using a Google my Business page.

From the Google Livestream, we learned that technology is changing the way we do business. Businesses must keep up with the times in order to engage more customers and generate more sales. Since 1 in 3 adults watch at least one Youtube video per month, it’s safe to say that engaging online with customers – especially through social media outlets – can help to increase your website traffic. To make sure your company is up-to-date with the digital world in 2017, contact 3PRIME today!

If you wanted to see what Google had to say, watch the Livestream below. Be up-to-date with the latest in business and find out how to connect your business to the ever-changing world.

Comparing Google Pagespeed Insights and Test My Site with Google


Our score from The new Test My Site web application by Google.

Google Insights analyzes web performance, gives feedback and suggestions to improve your web page. This test lets you enter your website URL and gives you your performance on both mobile and desktop. If there are problems that need your attention, a yellow exclamation point will pop up telling you to ‘consider fixing’ and will show a list of the things to improve on. A checkmark in green will highlight the aspects about your website that you have passed. Google released a new site performance application called Google Test My Site. As both interfaces provide advice to website users, there are still many differences that separate both website apps apart.


With both the pages, the scores remain the same. Test My Site has the option to email your test results, but Google Insight does not. Test My Site also has pretty visuals, such as bright colors and interesting videos, making it user friendly. It also displays your results on one page, where Google Insights displays results on 2 different tabs – one for mobile and one for desktop. To test if your site is mobile friendly on Google Insights, the website will have you click on a link and send you to another page.

Our results from Google Insights with scores and explanations of how to fix results.

What was nice about the old site, Google Insight, was that it displayed all of your scores right away, and was not separated by large tabs and graphics. They also explain how to fix the issues they identified on your site, where the new site does not. This can be frustrating to any user wanting to get right to the changes Google is recommending, like
implementing browser caching, but not having ready access to resources and recommendations. Insights will show you, for example, if an image is too large what size to make it.

This highlights that the new Test My Site web app is for non-technical users, while the pagespeed insights is the more useful resource for developers, so we hope they don’t take it away!

Since more people everyday are using the internet, page speed is becoming increasingly important. Page speed can determine if a user stays or leaves your website. Whether you have large graphics and videos, or issues with Javascript, you need to consult to consult with a high-end tool like these that monitor your website performance. Once you find out that your website is lagging with page speed, the next step is developing a plan to improve issues.


Stepping Up Your Business in 2017

Step up your game in 2017 by following these simple practices:


Put Your Goals in Writing – Be sure to plan what your goals for the year are. Create a calendar to organize tasks along with the people assigned to them and the deadline for each assignment. Using Cloud storage is a great way to keep organized without compromising your personal storage space. Google Drive gives you 15GB of free space allowing you to free up storage on your computer!


Engage Your Team – Emphasize ideation and creativity! Empowering employees to think of new ideas promotes employee engagement and inspiration. It increases your team’s engagement with your brands and product lines and leads to employees coming up with new and inventive ways to promote through blog posts, videos, infographics, or other media. When a business brainstorms, it is able to inspire employee confidence and allows everyone to contribute. Getting different employee perspectives allows a challenge to be approached from many different angles.


SEO – SEO is multifaceted with different areas of emphasis applicable to any business or organization’s web presence. One of the most critical aspects for 2017 is optimizing your mobile experience. Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone, creating a positive experience on mobile devices is a key for increasing user engagement and driving conversations. Doing keyword research for your market, local search marketing, developing good content on your website, and link building will help to increase website traffic. The most popular tool for measuring results is Google Analytics, which uses data visualization to display website traffic changes overtime in easy-to-read charts and is provided free by Google to website owners.


Design – In a crowded market, one of the best ways to attract new customers is with great design, which is more than just photography and layout. Some aspects to think about include a good use of typography, scaling, color theory, and harmony. Not only should you focus on the visual graphics, but good design can also be found in the site layout. When customers come to your website, it should be organized so that they clearly understand the services your company provides. So making sure your website is clearly laid out and easy to navigate provides for a positive user experience. Beyond the visual aspects, you should also consider whether your website enables visitors to follow the optimal path to the actions YOU want them to take!


Branding – It is important for your company to get its name out there! Defining your brand will shape your company’s mission. The benefits or services your company provides will differentiate you from your competitors. Knowing who you are and delivering what you say you are going to deliver are all a part of your branding strategy. Create a unique logo, use your logo colors, create graphics that are modern and appealing to your audience, and be consistent with integrating your brand on print collateral, apparel and digital profiles. These practices will help your company to create its own “voice” which stands apart from its competitors.  


Social Media Marketing – Make sure all of your social media profiles are up-to-date with fresh content. Keeping content on a consistent basis, such as weekly posts, will help to gather more followers and engage with the segment of your audience who prefers this medium. Social Media marketing is all about engaging with customers and keeping up with current trends. Ask customers questions, post creative content, and follow people in your niche market to promote company growth.


Email marketing – Make sure that your contacts are up-to-date and be consistent with your messaging. They help to enhance the business to consumer relationship. You can also send out mass emails as a way to quickly connect with your target market. Email marketing is highly  effective tactic to keep in touch with current and past customers, and the potential for marketing automation and follow-up campaigns cannot be ignored. Companies can use this as a cost-effective way to stay in contact with existing customers.

If you’re looking to implement any of these goals to your business in 2017, know that 3PRIME will be there to help with the process! We can help evaluate what has worked in 2016 and what ways your company can improve. From SEO services to creating stand out content, we are here to represent all of your business needs. With simple yet effective marketing techniques, together we can help your business prosper. We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready for a productive 2017.

Good User Experience Is Key: Here’s How You Can Improve Yours

Maintaining an existing site is as complicated as starting a new one. There are thousands of new companies being established every day, making staying ahead of the game and retaining visitors more difficult to do. In today’s internet landscape, user experience is just as important as having quality content and a visually appealing website.

We here at 3 Prime love tinkering with different parts of a website to enhance user experience. In this article, we’re going to share some of the best tips you can implement right away in order to improve your site’s user experience.

Differentiate Hyperlinks and Bullets

Not all visitors have the time to read through your content. Some of them – including you and I, when we’re browsing through other websites – simply scan through a page to find the information we are looking for. This is where bullets come in handy.

You can add a summary of the article at the beginning or at the end of the page. Simply display the summary as a list of bullet points and you can help users who scan the page to understand what the content is all about. Differentiate the bullets you add to the article to grab attention.

The same differentiation can be applied to hyperlinks. You can change the background to allow users to spot hyperlinks immediately. You can also change the colour and weight of URLs to separate them from the rest of the paragraph. These hyperlinks will function as stoppers, elements that will stop and direct users’ attention to key phrases in the article.

Be Mindful with Images and Visual Elements

Visual elements are great for making a website more appealing, but they don’t always play well when it comes to delivering a good user experience. Large images, animations and videos can slow a page down considerably.

There are two ways you can get around this. First, you can switch to a more capable hosting service in order to deliver visual elements without sacrificing page speed. Companies like certahosting.co.uk optimize their servers for better, faster content delivery; you can gain so much from these services.

The second approach is to limit the use of images and visual elements. In the old days, we used blank PNG files to add spaces or colours to a page. Today, HTML5 and CSS3 are more than capable of creating these elements – and even animating different parts of the site – for a better user experience.

Use Whitespace to Your Advantage

Add too many elements and your page will start to look crowded and cluttered. While a full layout may work for certain types of websites, such as news portals, it is often frustrating for users. There is something about a page full of text, squares, images and other elements that make browsing through the site a little bit less enjoyable.

Whitespace is your friend. Simply increasing the amount of space between lines of text can make the entire content more readable. The same approach can be applied to other parts of the site too. By utilizing whitespace wisely – and applying the previous tips we covered in this article – you can boost your site’s user experience level.

Review of SEO Service from CrowdReviews.com

SONY DSCHere at 3PRIME, collecting reviews is always a priority for us. Our first set of reviews came from crowdreviews.com, and we are happy to have feedback that will continue to promote our success.





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An Interview with Wordfence Senior Analyst Collette Chamberlain

Collette Chamberlain is one of two security analysts employed at Workfence. She is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and a computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI). She carries out forensic investigation with the cleaning team to safely recover data in a timely manner. She doesn’t consider herself an “expert” because she feels there is always something to learn in WordPress Security.


Biggest Trends With Infecting Websites

One of the biggest trends in affecting websites is ransomware. There will be a code put into unsuspecting sites by the attackers, and this will redirect them to a non-secure site. These malicious sites have payloads that are downloaded on any sites on their computer that are outdated. People are then forced to pay money as a ransom to get their data back.  If they had backed up their information, this would likely not have happened.



Have a good host, keep your site and programs up to date, install a security site like Wordfence and back up your hosting and FTP/SSH accounts. Another way to be aware of these attackers is to review your logs to look for threats.


Why Are These Attacks Happening?

Even though there are many advances with security software, hackers can still get through. There’s a common misconception that once you have the software you are secure – and that is the farthest from the truth. Colleen explains, “It’s not a matter of “if” I will be hacked, it’s a matter of “when”. “ When purchasing a Wordfence software, you must ask if the cost of a hacked site further exceeds the cost of Wordfence software. Attacks will still happen, after one is stopped and every day there are new ways hackers get to critical information. The only way to be completely safe from these hackers is to not go online at all.



Read the Full Interview Here


Is Your Website Safe?

Every website comes with some vulnerabilities, and with WordPress being such a prevalent platform for building sites it stands to reason that many attacks are aimed at WordPress sites. If you’re building a website using the WordPress platform it’s important to make your site as secure as possible and protected from attacks that come from a variety of entry points. As the graph from Wordfence shows, by far the most common way that WordPress sites were hacked were through plugins. Knowing that a WordPress site is vulnerable is the first step in making a site as safe and secure as possible. The question becomes how to minimize the risk for a WordPress site. We’ve identified three solid ways to lower risk while maintaining site functionality

  1. Use plugins from reputable sites that are updated regularly
  2. Enable security for your WordPress site, such as Wordfence that stays up to date on protecting WordPress sites from all types of attacks
  3. Keep everything up-to-date

Use Reputable Plugins and Keep Them Updated to Minimize the Risks from an Attack

As the graph above- an illustration of the results of a survey conducted by Wordfence– shows, the majority of all successful attacks on WordPress sites came from the plugins that those sites were using. An astounding 56% of all compromised site hacks were the result of plugin entry point vulnerability. The best developers are quick to fix any plugin vulnerabilities that arise. However, this does no good if the plugin isn’t updated on a regular basis. Keeping track of the latest version of a plugin and making updates whenever available is the best way to ensure that the vulnerability is limited for any WordPress site. If a plugin hasn’t been updated in the last six months it may have been abandoned by the developer, this is even more likely with free plugins as there is no monetary incentive for the developer to keep up with the plugin. In this case, it’s always best to find a replacement and uninstall the old and abandoned one. Staying up to date on your plugins, using only plugins that are from developers with reputations for producing quality work with regular updates to protect from vulnerabilities, and regularly applying updates is the best way to stay safe from attacks through the common entry point for hacks.

Enabling Security Features Such as Wordfence to Protect WordPress Websites

No matter how often a site updates its plugins there are always going to be areas of susceptibility to attack. It’s always better to have more secure measures in place when protecting a valuable asset such as a website that may contain sensitive information or be a strong source of business. Having an extra layer of dedicated security can do wonders for site protection. Wordfence can stop many attacks before even reaching a site through setting up stronger passwords, locking users out after a set number of failed login attempts, and a myriad of other ways. Trusting security to a dedicated service like Wordfence is always going to be the most effective way of shutting down attacks and identifying threats to a WordPress site.

Update all Software and Delete Old Files from the Website

Plugins are by far the most vulnerable of all the paths to a website, but there are other vulnerabilities that need to be kept up on. The first and foremost for all WordPress sites is to make sure that WordPress core is up-to-date. The WordPress team does a great job of responding when a vulnerability is discovered but that will only help the sites that update to the latest version of WordPress core. It’s not only WordPress that needs to be updated regularly, other software such as Adobe needs to be consistently updated in order to minimize the risks from attacks and reduce exposure to potential hacks that can lead to compromising WordPress sites.

Deleting old files and performing regular maintenance and clean-up should be a part of all good web management practices. Having old data floating around on a site is just one more way in which WordPress sites become exposed to attacks. By cleaning up and deleting old files that are unnecessary there becomes one less entry point at which an attack can make its way to a site.


Protecting WordPress sites is not something for which there is an easy, all-in-one solution. There are risks inherent in every situation and knowing how to identify these risks and dangers and where they come from goes a long way towards understanding how to make a WordPress site more secure. There are some basics to protecting any WordPress site: use reputable plugins and keep them updated, use security features and programs to protect the site, and ensure all software and data is up-to-date. These three recommendations will go a long way towards making your site as secure as possible but every situation is different and needs to be assessed on its own merits and needs.

3PRIME Develops Website for Emek Security

A web partnership company specializing in design, development, and consulting, 3PRIME has been helping businesses grow and improve their online presence and operations by offering a broad and growing set of internet services and advertising for search and social media. Among its many areas of specialization, 3PRIME is proficient in helping new businesses launch websites and supporting those businesses throughout the process and beyond. It was at precisely this point in time that Bill Okwuosa was referred to 3PRIME.

Bill is the owner of Emek Security, a licensed Connecticut security company that provides corporate, event, and personal security as well as security guard training courses for the state of Connecticut security guard certifications. Emek security guards are trained as community intervention specialists, bring a trained professionalism at de-escalation in addition to the ability to effectively leverage the best practices in security services for events, as well as places of worship and business.

Bill’s official introduction to the security field occurred in 2015 when he secured his first security contract at “The Game” – Yale vs. Harvard- in November of 2015. However, his path to owning his own business training and providing security began long before that. Bill started out working as a Correctional Officer for Connecticut but that didn’t fulfill his passion for helping people. With a commitment to helping others, Bill moved into the human services field and worked at a variety of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people working through difficult times. Bill also dedicated his time to improving himself, becoming certified in an array of clinical disciplines as well as continuing his formal education and earning his Master’s in Business and Organizational Leadership.

When Bill decided to expand the presence of Emek Security training and increase awareness he was starting from ground level. Bill understood that he needed to create a professional website that conveyed both his expertise and the classes offered to those looking to either begin a career in the security field or gaining more expertise and furthering their own education. Bill came to 3PRIME with his resume, some brief descriptions of his class offerings and a vision. Beyond his industry knowledge, Bill needed a partner that he could rely on to handle the technical aspects of building a website and convey his experience into meaningful website content that allows his professional knowledge and expertise to shine through. After talking with Bill, 3PRIME was able to understand and flesh out his vision and build him a brand new WordPress site.

The website showcases everything about Bill as a professional as well as all of the classes offered by Emek Security and even allows people to register and pay for classes ahead of time. 3PRIME co-owner Ryan Turner says, “ Our extensive experience working with entrepreneurs like Bill to design a website that is both professional and functional has earned us an exceptional understanding of the needs of small businesses so we can offer the right solution for each stage of their business development”.

The Google Quick Answer Box; How to Get the Most of Your Expertise

Being an expert in a field is a wonderful thing. Applying that expertise and sharing it with others is even better. Over the last couple of years, Google has begun to show a Quick Answer Box at the top of their organic search results. This box answers the question in the most succinct and informative way possible, searching the web for the best short answer and displaying it prominently at the top of the page. The Quick Answer Box doesn’t replace any organic search results and isn’t necessarily tied to the first or even second result of any search. What it does is seek out the best answer to a search query and show that above any actual search results.

How to Get Noticed by Google

If you know your industry well and can provide poignant answers to questions that people may be searching for, showing up in the Quick Answer Box is certainly attainable. Recently 3-PRIME was asked to build a site for a company that is an expert in their field and wanted to present themselves as the expert they are. Through updating the site along with answering questions that their customers might have in a thorough but concise manner they were able to show up in Google’s Quick Answer Box (you can see the result in the image at the top of this post). This is a coveted position within a Google search. Coming in ahead of all your competition and showing that you are the site with the knowledge and expertise will get potential customers to your site on a consistent basis. Even if you are competing with bigger sites for similar customers knowledge goes a long way. Knowing how to structure and build a website is as important as knowing the right answers to your customer’s questions. We know what it takes to take your knowledge and expertise and optimize that for web solutions. If you know your customers and are an expert in your field there’s no reason that you can’t show up for your customers when they search for things in your area of expertise. Getting into the Quick Answer Box can even send you past your competitors that are finishing ahead of you in search engine results, increasing your potential customers awareness of you and your brand. Always be thinking about the searches that your customers are doing and how you can best answer those searches and questions in the best way possible.

What Can You Do?

When rebuilding a site or creating new content keeping the answer box in mind will help focus and guide the work. By having an eye toward the Quick Answer Box and easily digestible answers it becomes easier to avoid the pitfalls of setting too big of a target or being overly lengthy in production. Focus and speed are essential in today’s world, with the average attention span dropping from 12 seconds to 8 seconds over the past 15 years it has become more paramount than ever to give quick, easily processed and understood information. The next time you’re thinking of creating new content or adding to your web presence in any way ask us how to optimize for, and keep the Quick Answer Box. It will help guide you to positive results. Whether you’re looking for website design, development, or you’re not sure what you need to take your site to the next level we’re there to help you figure it all out.