3PRIME SEO & Online Internet Marketing

Marketing your business online all comes down to how you leverage electronic marketing methods like email and websites that get delivered online, and how you leverage the popularity of the Internet to distribute your message, interact with your customers and provide information to current and prospective customers.

Everyone is familiar with websites at this point but for hyperlocal and regional businesses, placement in local online business centers and directories may offer the greatest advantage over their competition and the most critical point-of-entry for new or past customers to find them.

This is an example of how online marketing must account for your type of business and the kind of audience you cater to. For some businesses, this is dirt simple and your greatest Internet marketing challenge is message creation and the level of competition. For other businesses, particularly those with broad offerings, your initial decisions as to how you will leverage online marketing will have positive or neutral returns for many months or years.

3PRIME uses the following process for helping you decide how to proceed with your online marketing efforts.

  1. Determine reasonable short term goals
  2. Provide examples of how those goals could be met
  3. Discuss broad long term marketing goals and how successive short term projects can be used to reach them.