Website Architecture Development

3PRIME approaches web design projects from the perspective of how your website will get traffic, what it will look like and how visitors will find their way through your website to a desired action, or conversion.

Architecture might follow a mostly “common sense” process for smaller websites. We’ll discuss which elements should be on every page, which information should be easy to find, and which information just needs to be in place.

3PRIME will also ensure that your website properly informs visitors of your terms and conditions and privacy policy so that when you go to get a merchant account, you aren’t left scrambling to fill in basic online business information.

For larger websites, architecture is approached by 2 primary methods. First, the ways in which you categorize your products and services must play a role in traffic flow. Second, the major keywords that describe your business offerings should be considered and exploited to provide the greatest SEO benefits possible.

As web developers, 3PRIME ensures that your website, blog or email is properly designed and built to ensure that it serves your business for many years and is flexible enough to grow as your business does.