2020 Case Study:

CT Pest Solutions

Executive Summary

Our client, a pest extermination and removal service, signed up for the LENS program to enhance their positioning on Google’s local searches and acquire new customers in an uncertain and unprecedented time. Their first ninety days of being on the LENS program was successful in meeting these goals.

Their first month helped us establish a base point of searches and calls to their business. As we can see from the data in the first month, after careful keyword refinement and content creation, they experienced a 61% increase in views on Google and an over 100% increase in conversions to their website. There is also a trend that emerges in the quantity of calls they receive, coinciding with aberrations in the weather.

Their second month we focused on targeting more specific services through keywords and review generation, reaching out via e-mail and sms to solicit reviews from their client list.

Specifying services by keywording and Google My Business gives our client an opportunity to rank higher by providing more accurate business information about what they offer to potential customers. Google uses this data to more accurately present their search results based on the searcher’s intent.

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After experiencing a slight down-tick in calls, their third month featured a rebound and 50% increase in business calls. The most interesting trend to notice in their third month is WHEN customers called. Most calls and spikes in views happened on Mondays. Customers tended to make their calls for pest removal at the start of a given week.

In addition to specifying keywords and targeting their sought after services, our content specialist created a variety of informative social media posts. This content was focused on what pest removal service was highly sought-after during a given month. Below are a couple of examples of content that we have created for this client.

The first ninety days for this pest extermination company yielded the results they had hoped for: increased calls, better Google visibility and positioning, and the creation of unique and custom content that fit their needs. The next steps for this business involve citation building and generating mentions of their business across local directories and websites to establish a stronger domain authority on Google.