2020 Case Study:

CT Pest Solutions

Executive Summary

Our client, an estate sale management company with zero previous web presence, came to us with the goal of increasing leads and business visibility in their local area. Servicing such a niche market comes with its own sets of challenges, which presented themselves during our research and implementation phases. These are exactly the challenges we solve for all types of businesses. In just the first ninety days of being in the LENS (Local Exposure Network Service) program, their web presence grew from non-existent to bustling.

Their target keyword area is highly saturated by two main estate sale aggregate companies that, almost completely, dominate the first couple of pages of Google’s organic search. Our focus, however, was on the local search via Google Maps. The results below are from their first three months individually; with the first month being used as a starting point before our service began working its magic. The proof can be seen in the data.

The second month, we began adjusting and tweaking keywords and fine-tuning their Google My Business page. By providing proper details and including products and services ,it allowed the business to get more search visibility. Google loves businesses that provide a lot of data and rewards those businesses with better visibility.

By the third month, after careful keyword refining, we see the biggest change in search visibility; with an increase of more than 300% in the business being viewed on Google.

Keywording was especially crucial in handling this estate sale management company due to keyword saturation from estate sale aggregator websites. In order to properly target the local area, we had to build out keywords for all services and specifications of the town the business is located in, as well as a “near me”.

As seen in the reporting to the right, by properly targeting the keyword search, we were able to get the business to rank on the first page of Google’s Local (Map) Search across the board. When one searches for an estate sale service in the business’s target area, they appear on the first page of results.

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In addition to keyword optimization, we created custom content and social media posts for this client. This content was used for their Facebook and Google My Business pages. To the right is a sample of how a post would look on each platform.

In addition to specifying keywords and targeting their sought after services, our content specialist created a variety of informative social media posts. This content was focused on what pest removal service was highly sought-after during a given month. Below are a couple of examples of content that we have created for this client.

Our client did not have a website prior to signing up for the LENS program and did not need a full blown custom web presence. We decided to use Google My Business’ built-in website solution for this client. Google My Business’ website option allowed us to create a single page website that provided all a summary of their business, the services offered, photos, and pertinent information about their business.

LENS provides a proven result in local search engine growth and is commitment free after the first three months. Join today and see what LENS can do for you.