2021 Case Study:

Endodontics New Haven & Hamden

Executive Summary

Our client, a local dental office with multiple locations, came to us with a dilemma – they had a lot of duplicate and incorrect listings out in the wild. One of their primary goals with LENS was getting these removed, corrected, or ranked lower. LENS offers a powerful feature that allows us to see where duplicate and incorrect listings exist on the web by comparing the data we’ve input into it against existing data on the web.

We got to work on correcting and removing as many of these listings as possible. The first month was almost dedicated to working to correct these issues. One of their two locations had two Google My Business listings which caused a couple of issues with their views on Google. We went through the Google Support process to merge the two locations into one and, interestingly, the listing took a massive hit in views for that month only. After the merge was completed, the business’ search views showed a noticeable increase.

An interesting thing to note, even though their second month saw a slight decrease in overall views, it saw large gains in more important metrics – calls, website views, and directions requests. People were actively seeking out the business for their dental needs. It’s also worth touching on the fall-off around December 20th and running through the end of the year corresponds with the Holiday season, a time where people are a little bit less concerned with any dental issues they may have, even if just a few days.

Thanks to careful consideration towards their listings, creating interesting content, and proper keyword management across their website and listings, the business dominates Google’s local listings when searching for an endodontist or root canals. They are the top listing on a large selection of local keywords and even dominate most of the organic search keyword rankings, as well.


New Haven

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At the end of their 90 days with LENS, both of the client’s business locations showed large growth in all key metrics. Throughout the client’s 90 days with us, we learned a valuable piece of information – while they do get referrals from other doctors and dentists, a lot of their business is people looking them up and calling them because they have tooth or jaw pains.


New Haven

LENS helped the business affirm its dominance in the area as the first result on Google when needing an endodontist.
The proof is in the numbers.