overview Cloudflare has saved more page load time in 2015 than Humanity has Walked the Earth

When you choose Cloudflare, your web traffic will be filtered through its intelligent global network. Websites that use Cloudflare have a major improvement in the performance and the number of attacks on their system. They block threats, and discourage bots from wasting server resources and bandwidth. They also deliver webpages to your customers so they get the fastest loading web pages.  On average, a website using Cloudflare will use 60% less bandwidth, load 2 times as fast, has 65% fewer requests, and become more secure. As the Cloudflare community grows, the system gets faster and smarter. Its system both powers and protects the internet, so you have the optimum internet experience.

With its ease of access, Cloudflare can be used by anyone who has a domain and a website. You can have a fully functioning page in less than five minutes, regardless of the platform. There is no additional hardware or software  required, and you only need to change your domain’s DNS settings. If you are unhappy with your service, Cloudflare can be easily turned off. Cloudflare’s core service is free, and they offer free additional services for websites who need SSL or real time reporting. Cloudflare also delivers fast service to mobile users, as the market is expanding to over 5 billion. Their seamless mobile experience will greatly enhance the experience of all mobile users.

CloudFlare also saves time, allowing websites to load faster and save page load time. The built in security is easy for any user to run, and alerts you right away when potential threats are near. The threat report builds a reputation for each visitor online. You can set the desired security level for your site, allowing CloudFlare to deal with any unwanted threats. They also usilize the community knowledge  to become smarter, by sharing each threat with the CloudFlare community.

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