CTEndodontists.org Redesign

CTEndodontists was looking to spruce up their website and add some additional content with a fresh design while still integrating some components from their old site. They came to the team at 3PRIME to create and complete this redesign.

The newly designed website, CTEndodontists.org was created using WordPress and the Divi theme which will allow for easy editing and updating. In addition to the integrated content from the original site, new features for members will include improving the available features for Member’s listings. Messaging that highlights saving teeth and promoting root canals instead of promoting implants will also be at the forefront of the content implementation.

The overall intention of the project was to recreate the layout and functionality of the old site, in a fresh and visually appealing design, while also including 2 new features – Members’ directory listing, and landing page for collecting registration fee payments via Paypal payment buttons.

Visit: https://ctendodontists.org/

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