As a web partnership company specializing in design, development, and consulting, 3PRIME has been helping businesses grow and improve their online presence and operations offering a broad and growing set of Internet services and advertising for search and social media. Among its many areas of specialization, 3PRIME is proficient in helping new businesses launch websites or update their existing site and supporting those businesses throughout the process and beyond. Alpha-Aero is a custom window treatment company serving both commercial and residential clients. Alpha-Aero approached 3PRIME in need of a new website that was user-friendly, responsive, and that would be the online face of the company for both its commercial and residential clients. 3PRIME worked with Alpha-Aero to come up with an SEO strategy and best practices that would increase the ROI for Alpha-Aero through attracting visitors to the website via search engines.

In order to create a website that highlighted the variety of services and products Alpha-Aero offers, 3PRIME worked closely with them throughout the design and creation of the new website. The combination of knowledge and experience and the collaborative effort were instrumental in creating a new, user-friendly site for Alpha-Aero.


  • Wordpress website build

    Using a premium WordPress theme 3PRIME designed and built a new website from the ground up. Focused on user experience as well as SEO best practices, the site is a reflection of the superior skill and craftsmanship that Alpha-Aero is known for. The mobile experience is accounted for in all 3PRIME web designs and the Alpha-Aero site was built using a responsive platform.

  • Google Analytics

    3PRIME created and setup a Google Analytics account for Alpha-Aero. Tracking and analyzing website data is critical for improving a website, increasing organic rankings, and understanding visitors. 3PRIME also set up a goal tracking system in order for Alpha-Aero to understand how their customers are using the website and as a way in which to make positive changes in the future.

  • Website Consulting

    3PRIME worked closely with Alpha-Aero to understand and advise on how to best present their scope of work to prospective clients. In addition to keyword research and design best practices 3PRIME also created a website with user experience in mind and that best showcased the quality of Alpha-Aero’s work.