Comprehensive Health Care Website

We were happy to support a local healthcare provider with their website in order to help them better serve their communities. Fair Haven Community Health Care needed a comprehensive presentation of their services as a new way for current and potential patient outreach.

3PRIME spent a substantial amount of time planning, designing, and developing the new website. Working closely with FHCHC over many months, we consulted and collaborated with various contact points to get a complete understanding of their needs and figure out how we could translate that into a better online presence.

Content Migration

Consolidating the content from enormous website like FHCHC was a daunting task within itself. 3PRIME restructured the hierarchy of various sections and their information. This enabled us to better present healthcare and other various information on the new website that could be easily found by site visitors.

Content Changes

As with any large website, sometimes content and copy needs to be changes or updated. Working with the Client, 3PRIME made extensive edits as new copy was created and outdated copy culled from the site.

Custom Google Map

With different locations for Fair Haven Community Health Care, a map detailing locations was a must. 3PRIME created a custom Google Map that displays all FHCHC locations and information when an item is clicked.

Theme Customization

Theme customization was performed on the new website to accommodate requests from the Client. Being experts at WordPress theme development and customization, 3PRIME was able to deliver exactly what FHCHC wanted and needed. When we work with you, our goal is to fulfill all requests in a way to optimize the visitor’s experience.

Custom Icons

Nobody likes a “cookie cutter” website. In and effort to set FHCHC’s new website apart from others, and at the same time provide unique graphic interpretations of different services, 3PRIME created and implemented various custom icons.

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