Magna Garage needed a new website for their company that provides garage door services. Experienced with the home services industry, 3PRIME was ready and willing to take on this project.

We gathered content from their existing website, and while working with our Client, 3PRIME was able to produce a website that better conveyed the company’s services. Because we understand how important it is to make contacting a company like Magna Garage as easy as possible for the website visitor, we provided multiple ways for potential customers to reach out to Magna Garage.

Conversion tracking is an important measurement for any website. The usage of contact forms and one-click phone numbers are tracked so we can identify our success in any one area, and to also understand how to improve an area that may not be showing as many conversions.

Keyword research was performed to find and implement the best keywords and phrases that would work for Magna Garage in their geographical location. 3PRIME used the knowledge gained in this research to properly setup page URLs, meta descriptions/titles, and page copy.