Integrated Health Services is a company whose focus is to improve students’ potential to achieve and maintain wellness by reducing and addressing barriers to physical and mental care. They came to the team at 3PRIME in order to redesign a site that helps convey their mission in a user-friendly, engaging way.

Our team developed a design plan contingent on a newly designed layout on a Divi platform that is more engaging to the user with up-to-date design aesthetics, better form system, and a focus on the benefits of in-school health services. The four main staples of the site design were as follows:

  • Design

    Engaging landing pages with CTA’s for Forms and more mission-driven content were the focus of this site redesign

  • Development

    Building out the new site design and redirecting links from the old site

  • Conversion Forms

    Ninjaforms were used for Registration forms and Thank You pages were incorporated for conversion tracking

  • Global Elements

    Header, CTA, Footer

See the newly designed site HERE!