International Marketing Firm

Muir Marketing Solutions International came to us with the hopes of creating a new website that would gain more traction online than their current one. The Client also needed the ability to easily update and manage the website’s content on his own.

Developing a new WordPress site, 3PRIME was able to design and develop a new and improved website with a better website structure to aid with search engine optimization. Research was performed on the industry and key words and phrases being used by similar companies. We were able to identify several opportunities and created unique landing pages for a few popular keywords the Client was hoping to improve rankings for.

There was a large amount of different marketing works to be displayed from different parts of the world. Regional sections were created and associated works were placed into different portfolios. This made it easy for visitors to see the wide ranging work of Muir Marketing Solutions International.

Ongoing content support from 3PRIME will ensure our SEO efforts will come to fruition.

With our broad capabilities, we’ve performed hundreds of direct and
White-label projects for clients and agencies nationwide.