Paier College Website Redesign

A Perfect New Brand & Website

Founded in 1946, Paier College is a school that offers educational coursework focused on traditional visual arts, design, marketing, and communications. Set in a personalized manner, the school prepares successful graduates for careers that meet the evolving needs of society. In 2021, Paier announced its plans to move to a new seaside campus located in Bridgeport, CT on a property formerly controlled by the University of Bridgeport. That’s when Paier commissioned 3PRIME to create a newly designed brand and website to go along with their announcement and campus move.


One of the main focuses of this project was recreating a new logo and color scheme which we’d use on the website. We started off working with the existing Paier colors, purple and green, and changed the layout of the “Paier College” font. Eventually the logo was completed and we delivered their new logo kit and style guide to our client to guide consistent use for the new brand.


As part of the scope of work we proposed the creation of a fresh new website that would accompany the new branding. There was a lot of extensive research and discussions with the client before we were able to work on designs. Once we had a clear idea of the requirements, we proceeded to design the homepage layout. Wireframes were produced, dissected and updated. These were followed with mockups created and presented to clarify the website presentation on desktop and mobile devices. The new design would be responsive, as well as keeping in line with Web Accessibility to make sure the site would be accessible to all.
With approved designs, development of the new website ran smoothly as we kept the client involved in the process. New pages were QA’d as they were created, and updated as needed to account for any changes the client saw fit until it was ready for launch. The site went live in early July, in time for our client to get ready for the fall semester!


Paier College recently added new degree programs to their school and they mentioned wanting to find a good way to display these pages and all the degree information in an effective layout. We were tasked with finding a way to showcase these pages that was creative, but easy to navigate. We set up these pages with a simple tabbed widget with an overview of the degree program, a section for the curriculum pdf, a showcase of past student artwork in the program, and a request for information form.


One of the key elements for the new website is continuing the effective production of inbound communications from the website to the admissions team. We incorporated effective call-to-actions and forms throughout the site website.

This continued the college’s commitment to streamlining the website experience for potential students to sign up or request more information about Paier.


See the differences in the old design and the new look!

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