A web partnership company specializing in design, development, and consulting, 3PRIME has been helping businesses grow and improve their online presence and operations offering a broad and growing set of Internet services and advertising for search and social media. Among its many areas of specialization, 3PRIME is proficient in helping new businesses launch websites and supporting those businesses throughout the process and beyond. It was at precisely this point in time that Bill Okwuosa was referred to 3PRIME.

Bill is the owner of Emek Security, a licensed Connecticut security company that provides both security guards and security guard training courses for the state of Connecticut security guard certifications. Emek security guards are trained as community intervention specialists, bring a trained professionalism at de-escalation in addition to the ability to effectively leverage the best practices in security services for events, as well as places of worship and business.

The website showcases everything about Bill as a professional as well as all of the classes offered by Emek Security and even allows people to register and pay for classes ahead of time. 3PRIME co-owner Ryan Turner says, “ Our extensive experience working with entrepreneurs like Bill to design a website that is both professional and functional has earned us an exceptional understanding of the needs of small businesses so we can offer the right solution for each stage of their business development”.

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“When I met Ryan and the 3PRIME team, he gave me a sense security as ironic as it sounds since I own a security company. They helped me in creating a great website, while in the process, he remained professional and extremely friendly. His staff showed me the same. He’s a great leader and tutor, he and his business partner are simply AWESOME. Best services I’ve gotten in years.”

Bill Okwuosa