Sports Apparel eCommerce Website

Connecticut’s own Sports Fans Hub brought their concerns of needing a better web presence to 3PRIME Web Solutions here in Hamden, CT. Without a traditional website, they were relying on Amazon and eBay for the majority of their product sales – sports apparel from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Considering their extensive catalog of thousands of products with many variations between them, a new website for Sports Fans Hub would only be successful by using a comprehensive eCommerce platform capable of handling large amounts of traffic and database queries. Our solution was to use BigCommerce.

Our Client wanted to keep selling on Amazon and eBay but needed a centralized location to manage products and their data. BigCommerce was a perfect solution for this because it gave us a way to use that platform as a “source of truth” while pushing data to, and collecting data from, the two other sales channels. Streamlining the sales process as we did was an enormous burden lifted and allowed SFH to concentrate more on their business.

The amount of 3rd party services able to be used in this project also gave us access to on-site tools that would help serve the customer’s experience. This included a pop up coupon when visitors first enter the home page, a countdown timer for sales to give a sense of urgency, and a rewards program that offers points for purchases and actions taken such as liking Sports Fans Hub on Facebook. Points can then be used as discounts on future purchases.

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