New Haven Public SchoolsNow in its second year of use, the SRBI record keeping system built for New Haven Public Schools has eliminated the use of paper and shifted focus from data entry to the enhancement of administrative modules.

SRBI stands for Scientific Research-Based Interventions, and our solution is responsible for tracking graduated interventions in an accountable and easy-to-use web-based format.  The addition of visual reporting methods for tracking performance and usage of the system have made this system a critical tool for the Literacy Department.

Interface & Database for Recording and Tracking SRBI interventions

  • Student Record Security

    User management and obfuscation of student data

  • Digitize Data Entry

    Eliminate Paper From Meetings and Record Keeping

  • Centralize Record Keeping

    Use a single system to track SRBI related interactions and interventions for each student, including parent contacts, assessments, detailed meeting data, goal tracking and intervention outcomes.

  • Visual Reporting

    Provide simple heuristics and charting to track and report on system data and usage.