The Advocator Group

Demanding Project for the Advocator Group Pulled Off With Flying Colors

Founded in 2002, The Advocator Group is a nationwide advocacy organization dedicated to helping clients apply for and receive Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. Given the complexity of the SSDI application process, it is common for people who have suffered injury or sudden disability to spend inordinate amounts of time tied up in a process they don’t fully understand and can ill afford. In order to reach clients online and on their smartphones, The Advocator Group commissioned 3PRIME to build a fully-responsive website with information request forms that would allow candidates for SS disability benefits to send an initial inquiry and explore their options.

A Data-Driven Operation

On the back-end, the submission forms captured the leads and sent them to The Advocator Group’s proprietary actuarial software.

3PRIME chose to build the site on a heavily-customized WordPress engine, with most of the forms, modal windows and page fragments implemented in the twig template engine. This gave us the power we needed to easily implement elements such as multi-stage modal forms with redirects, conditional page sections, and to quickly include file fragments both through the WordPress CMS and HTML.

Conversion-Oriented Design

The site underwent a rigorously-tested, conversion oriented design. Since launch, Advocator.com has been averaging 4-8 organic leads per day, which we seek to improve even further with an advertising & SEO program that includes AdWords, Facebook and social media management, and other Internet marketing methods.

Segmented Navigation

As part of a design strategy to improve visitor flow and minimize drop-offs, 3PRIME implemented custom segmented navigation on Advocator.com that changes the nav bar based on the current page or section.
A segmented navigation approach was chosen as the best solution to avoid user confusion and create a defined conversion funnel that will target visitors by audience segment. This is only one of a number of design features that are meant to both improve the site navigation experience and help boost conversion rates.

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