Triumph Career Coaching

Triumph Career Coaching, based in Westchester county New York is a career coaching and counseling firm with the goal of helping people achieve job satisfaction through finding a job and career that perfectly suits them and their skill set. Triumph Career Coaching approached 3PRIME with the request to increase their search engine ranking for their company name- ideally moving to the top spot- as Triumph Career Coaching was not showing up in Google searches. 3PRIME worked with Triumph on a multi-pronged strategy involving:

  • Website cleanup, review, and rebuild
  • Adding Triumph to online directory listings and databases
  • A press release to be disseminated over several PR sources.

During the process of reviewing and rebuilding the WordPress website for Triumph, we discovered that some of the site pages had not been fully cleared after being hacked. Once 3Prime cleaned up the vulnerable pages and rebuilt parts of the site we submitted a Reconsideration Request to Google on their behalf. This was the first step in getting Triumph Career Coaching ranked for Google searches again. The Reconsideration Request combined with the directory listings and online databases put Triumph on page one for Google searches for the company name after only six weeks. Once the press release went out and the website continued to perform well it moved all the way to the number one ranking for its name, reaching the goal that had been laid out at the beginning of the project.

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