Western Connecticut State University Website Audit

3PRIME, in partnership with Studio 63, was tasked with auditing the Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) website for performance issues as well as aligning with best practices for design, efficiency, and ease of use for stakeholders. 3PRIME and Studio 63 reviewed Google Analytics data to determine popular pages and overall website performance as well as reviewing core web pages to identify areas for improvement.

View www.wcsu.edu

The goal of the website audit was to define improvements for:

  • Strengthening the website’s effectiveness in promoting the WCSU brand
  • Improving application process for prospective students
  • Building a tactical approach to improving the website experience for content owners and users
  • Creating conversion goals for the Homepage
  • Identifying measurement goals for Department landing pages
  • Identifying the most critical fixes for ADA compliance

For the audit itself, 3PRIME analyzed WCSU’s website performance in a variety of areas including:

  • Page Speed
  • Brand placement and effectiveness
  • Ease of navigation
  • Content section consistency
  • Link profile
  • Page layout
  • Application process
  • ADA compliance
  • Mobile responsiveness

During the course of the audit 3PRIME and Studio 63 compared the WCSU website to another, similarly sized, university website. Through the audit process we were able to make actionable recommendations for improvements on both the technical and design aspects of the website. Once we were able to present our findings to WCSU, they then commissioned 3PRIME and Studio 63 to put together a new design for the website that incorporated the suggestions stemming from the audit on improving the user experience and increasing brand awareness.

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