Kurt Olson

Thought you would like this, January views are up 85% over same last year and clicks up 60%!

Joe Bierbaum

stonelogoThe transition from a two platform site to a single responsive site seemed like an overwhelming task that would require intense internal support to pull off. As a company with relatively few resources, in the area of web development, our greatest concern was that the work associated with the transition would absorb our capacity and impact day to day operations. Upon engaging with 3PRIME we found the entire process to be quite the contrary.

3PRIME not only served as the architect for the project but also took on much of the work that went into converting the site to the new platform. In addition we were provided with remarkable customer service that allowed us to quickly become acquainted with the new platform and begin exceeding our conversion percentages through the myriad improvements they suggested by 3PRIME.

Thomas Allard

brandstrom-logoWe have been using 3Prime for our Website design, management, optimization and enhancement since 2012. Ryan Turner and his team of professionals have been excellent working partners. Tasks are performed quickly, in a quality manner with fair pricing. 3Prime is very efficient at working remotely, making on site visits unnecessary. I would recommend 3Prime to everyone in business who understands the importance today of Website management. We view the relationship as an extension of our company.

Joseph S. Zuritsky

I want to compliment you on the success we have had using your advice and techniques to move our company to the first page on Google using two different word searches.

We continue to follow your advice and have maintained our excellent placement.

Jeff Stedeford

I would like to express our thanks for the outstanding job that Ryan Turner of 3PRIME Web Solutions provides to our company. Ryan and his team of SEO specialists made it easy with their hands on professional approach.

Since our website began we have had a very good success rate with the amount of new business and exposure our company has generated.

You have always provided additional support when asked upon, and J.S. Steel Fabricators would recommend 3PRIME Web Solutions for anyone looking to create or enhance their website.


3PRIME built my website a few years ago and they continue to provide me with excellent service. Whenever I need them to update my website, they’re there for me with a quick turnaround.

I would recommend 3PRIME to anyone with web development or search engine promotion needs.

Chris S.

The web site is looking really good! I love the layout…compared to the competition, it seems very user-friendly, too.

Also, thanks for patiently dealing with my family as they don’t exactly know the ropes of working online yet. You are the only person I know that wouldn’t take advantage of them as there are a lot of bad operators out there.

Keep up the good work!

Jesse Horsford

…Got sucked into Yodle for 3 months, they promised me the world and fell way short. Want to up my budget with you when they are done. Website has been producing some decent leads, thanks!

Amy Christensen

THANK YOU [3PRIME]! You did an amazing job!”

Kylle Ayer

Website looks great, and after only being online for 2 weeks, we are writing quotes for over $1 million in new installations!