Voice Readiness for Your Dispensary

by | Oct 17, 2022

“Hey Siri, where is the nearest dispensary to me?”

How often are you driving and quickly ask your smart phone to find something for you? It has become a lot more common over the couple of years and virtual assistants have gotten smarter and smarter.

What does this mean for my dispensary?

People are using their phones virtual assistants to handle more of their search needs than ever before. And using it for cannabis is no exception. While there may be rules about how your dispensary can advertise, you can still take full advantage of making sure your business is voice search ready. Being ahead of the game and set-up for voice search positions your business to stand out amongst the crowd.

More Than Just Finding a Business

The end user isn’t necessarily just going to search for “show me nearby dispensaries”. And, as a business, you need to be prepared for different questions a user may ask, such as:

“What type of cannabis helps me stay focused?”
“What different strains of weed are good for energy?”
“What strain helps me sleep at night?”

This means your business needs to be equipped as more than just a storefront. Providing rich and informative content is the best way to dominate voice search. Search engines and voice assistants use quality content to provide the end user with an answer to a question. The better quality your content, the better off you are. This does not mean you should create content for SEO, as Google (amongst others) values quality of content over keyword filling.

Content Is King, But That’s Not All

Just because you have that quality content does not mean your dispensary will automatically be the first answer to a question on a voice search. Another part of the equation is making sure you have the proper schema markup on your dispensary’s website. Schema is the way that search engines are able to easily translate and digest information and output that information to the end user.

Voice Search is the future of how people will search for data. There is no better time than now to get your dispensary prepared and ready for that future. 3PRIME’s industry veterans are here to get your business ready for that future and positioned for success.

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